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The Diabolica Saga, DS for short, is the collective name for Subaqua's storyline. This page will contain all the links to the information ragarding the storyline, with the exception of the characters.


  • Hunted in Darkness




Differences with the Prime Reality[]

There are quite some differences with the Prime Reality in the DS-multiverse.

First and most foremost difference is the place in time. the DS starts 25000 years after the reunion of Spherus Magna.

Society on Spherus Magna has changed too. After the Reunion, the Great Beings returned to the planet and they were made the new rulers of Spherus Magna, governing all the different species. In their government, a very special place was made for theMatoran race and their Toa Heroes who had escaed from the Mata-Nui robot. This race was given many privileges and they were kind of the elite-soldiers for the Great Beings. Through the years of having these noble duties, the Matoran race, and the Toa to a bigger extent, went to see themselves as nobles. They went to beleive that they had been chosen by Mata-Nui himself to rule the other species. And thus, the Great Beings were left with soldiers that demed themselves as too great for manual labor. Trough years of science, the Toa also had develpoed ways to create posterity, allowing their numbers to increase. The other species on the planet didn't get any benefits from the return of the Great Beings at all. They were abused and indoctrinated with the will of their rulers. the once great Toa also used the populace of Spherus Magna to their liking.

As a result of this, the species turned to the race with the most powerfull and numerous warriors; the Agori race. Their Glatorian warriors took the iniative and they started a resistance against the government. The now corrupted government decided to put an end to this nail on their coffin by designning a plan for wiping this rebellion out.

What followed was a skirmish that spanned 15 years. It later became known as the Toa-Glatorian War. The losers were the Agori race and they became the lowest caste in the newly implemented Caste system.

After these events, the Great Beings realized that they too needed an army of their own, as the Toa themselves had become too powerfull after overthrowing the Glatorian. The result of this realisation was the start of producing Mass-Produced Toa; beings who were born as a Toa. They would always be a clone of another and they always would have matching stats, elements and equipment. There were several classes of MP-Toa. A combat Unit was always under the command of an original Toa.

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