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The Deuskar was one of Korasak's masks, the Mask of Salvation. It was crafted by the Golden Lord. It gave the user the power of defeating Shadowmaster.


The Deuskar was created for the purpose of defeating Shadowmaster. Korasak succeeded in beating him, but was mortally wounded as well. The Great Beings took the mask, and hid it, so it could not fall into the wrong hands.

Little did they know, where they hid it would be scraped off of the planet by an asteroid and become Omnis Magna. It was retrieved by Razek much later, and he used it to destroy the Morhud. However, Shadowmaster had linked to the Morhud and the mask, so all of their power came rushing to him. Using the mask, Razek "killed" Shadowmaster. After this, he shattered the mask, so it could never fall into the wrong hands again.


The Deuskar is very powerful. It is the only object capable of defeating Shadowmaster. It gave the user the power to morph into large, golden form, destroy antidermis, destroy every single Morhud, and control Life, Creation, Time, and Light.

There is a downside, however. The Deuskar's power was granted by a power extract of Shadowmaster himself. This extract still has the will and evil of Shadowmaster, and can drain the life of, or control the mind of a weak-minded wearer. Only the strongest-willed of warriors can wear this mask and escape with their full sanity.