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"I will serve my lord without question, but that shadow of my lord's some times creeps me out. I wonder if he knows that the Shadowed One is getting weaker by the day. Oh I hope not for his sake or he will be ended."


Detonator is actually a shadow leech in a extremely dangerous suit, he works for the Dark Hunters ever since the Brotherhood of Makuta tried to kill him.


There is not much known about Detonator besides some basic facts.


Detonator is a mystery beyond comprehension. According to him he was no more than an average shadow leech until Makuta got a bit creative and exsposed him to the same substances that the Makuta used on the bohrok to turn them into bohrok-kal. In order to house his new creation he put it in a living weapon of a suit. It had a tridax pod, a shadow missle, plus claws that could shred makuta armor to shreds, and a giant hammer that could unleash unimanginable power by disrupting gravity on contact.

Dark Hunter Refuge[]

He joined the Dark Hunters for one reason refuge. After his creation the other makuta got jealous and tried to kill him. Before they got the chance he escaped in a ship along with the blueprints to his suit. When he arrived the Dark Hunters all knew that he was a makuta soldier, but instead of destroying him the Shadowed One called for him. When the Shadowed One saw him he knew that he could be a great ally.

Loyalty With a Bang[]

Before he knew it Detonator was more loyal to him then he ever was to Makuta . When Detonator went into training with Eliminator he made a stratleing discovery, Detonator can blow him self up using the devise on his left arm. After this, Detonator was never sent on missions with less than 10 enemys all more powerful than himself. In the end they are all strewn across the ground with Detonator still standing.


Along with being able to selfdestruct he can eject himself from the suit in order to escape the explosion. Also he can call upon rahi to help him in battle. His spiked chest can ammit a electronical plus that can shut off all electronical equipment accept his own.


"Active, Detonator is querently on a mission to Karda Nui to investigate the rumor that another organization has been founded for hire. I hope they have strong defences so it will not be a total washout...this time." -The Shadowed One