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"If fighting until I'm a Turaga- No, long past that! -will keep people from suffering the pain you have dealt upon me, then so be it!"

--Destrix to Ahzrnokk, The Invasion

Toa Destrix is the avatar of Zevrroei and an honorable Toa, although sometimes too adventurous.

Trielement Toa
Order of Mata Nui
Psionics, Shadow, and Psychometry
Kanohi Avaaki
Multiweapon: Protosteel Blade, Shield, Element Channeling Laser


The Leech Incident[]

Destrix was created when Zevvroei was ordered to create his avatar's body. Destrix and Zevvroei are essentially the same person, although Destrix is a little more headstrong and "younger" than Zevvroei. Destrix was badly injured on the third day of his Trielement Toa elemental transfer. When Destrix's team of Next Generation Great Beings (Destrix, Hahlykia, and Niterro) was launched to Aqua Magna, answering a distress signal quickly cut off from one of the first teams launched there, Destrix's Earth rune was poisoned by a shadow leech fired from Lord Ahzrnokk's Tridax Sniper when Destrix's team entered the atmosphere. Destrix's wound would have proved fatal if they had not landed on Karda Nui and greeted by a Toa of Fire known as Kirizeen. Kirizeen was able to burn off the leech, and Hahlykia soothed the burn with her Water element. However, instead of having the elemental power of Earth, Destrix ended up with the power of Shadow. There were otherwise no negative affects from the bite.

Destrix's team was trained by Kirizeen, and Destrix looked up to him as he would a father.

Order of Mata Nui[]

Kirizeen, who happened to be good friends with Helryx ("leader" of the Order of Mata Nui) convinced her to let the three Trielements join the Order. Kirizeen promised to train them, and Helryx reluctantly agreed. The trio soon grew to be great Toa wariors. Eventually, Helryx ordered them to go on their first mission: a stakeout at Destral , Headquarters of the Brotherhood of the Makuta. The trio brought back terrible news: The Brotherhood had allied themselves, against all rivalries, with the Dark Hunters!

The Invasion[]

An invasion began, with Desrix and his team heading for Odina, the base of the Dark hunters. Meanwhile, the Order attempted to distract the Brotherhood by attacking Destral. The trio successfully breached Odina's defenses and destroyed a weapon that was supposed to kill all of the Next Generation. However, upon leaving the island, they ran into a species known only as "The Infected". They learned that "The Infected" were actually other Next Generation avatars who were poisoned by the shadow leeches, now Ahzrnokk's elite guard! The trio escaped, hurt but alive. They traveled to Destral to finish the war. Their current status is unknown.

Stats (1-100)[]

Strength: 80

Agility: 97


Mind: 90


  • Destrix has a seemingly unlimited amount of elemental energy. This is an afteraffect of the leech bite and becoming an avatar of the Next Generation.
  • Destrix has a crush on Hahlykia, but doesn't know if she likes him (which she does).
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