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Destrik is a Toa on the Special Forces Toa team.

IMG 5055
Fire, ice
Shielding, all fire and ice powers
Kanohi Hau
Electroshock Blaster, dual protodermis blades


Destrik was originally a Matoran that came from the island of Stelt, where he often bet on Dark Hunter Gladiator matches and practiced his own fighting skills. He became a Toa after joining the Order of Mata Nui. A couple years later, recruits for the Special Forces Toa team were being tested, and Destrik tried to get in. He was not accepted. Instead, he was an ordinary agent of the Order.

Reports said that a few members of the Special Forces were killed in a large conflict with the Makuta, and Destrik applied for the team again. He was able to pass the test and landed him a spot on the Special Forces. However, his membership was controversial, due to another Toa of ice who was already a part of the team. Destrik was kept anyway because of his other element, fire.

Now an official member of the Special Forces, Destrik was put through much training and developed skills that were almost unsurpassable.

Destrik was also present on the colonization and exploration mission to Odessha.

The biography section will be updated as the events happen in The Mask of Infinity.

Abilities and Traits[]

IMG 5057

Destrik's adaptive armor wings

Destrik is able to control two elements: fire and ice. Ice is his most favored element, but he often uses both elements when needed. He is able to use every power that comes with fire and ice. Destrik's armor is also plated in protosteel, thus allowing him to sustain more damage. His armor is also adaptive, allowing him to traverse air, water, and other terrain via adaptation. To give himself even more protection, he can use his mask to shield himself.

Generally, Destrik likes to keep to himself. He is not typically social, but he does talk to his friend Nutak.

Destrik may be quiet and mysterious, but he loves action more than anything. In fact, he will go out of his way to cause bloodshed with his enemies. He is very stubborn and does not take orders well, given the fact that he likes to give himself orders. He usually does not give much thought to his quick, hotheaded decisions, which often causes problems.


Strength: 12
Agility: 13
Toughness: 8
Mind: 10

Mask and Tools[]

Toa Destrik wears the Kanohi Hau, Mask of Shielding.

His weapon of choice, the Electroshock Blaster, is powerful and effective against multiple enemies. The gun comes equipped with a shotgun and rapid fire setting, which allows him to kill his enemies in a variety of ways. When he is not using his gun, Destrik uses his trusty pair of strong protodermis blades.



  • Destrik is loosely based off of Ace Hardlight from the game Ratchet: Deadlocked and Master Chief 117 from the Halo game series.