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Des was created several hundred years ago on a planet called Croma Magna far away from the Solis Magna System. The God of Chaos, Zatyr, created him and his three brothers, Zion, Karudax and Karazahk. Each of them got an area to rule. Zion got West, Karudax South, Karazahk East and Des North. Zatyr also created demons for every of the areas. For a long time they were able to live their lifes without any trouble. But after a while, Krotas, the God of Corruption, began to create Toa (He travelled to Solis Magna for some inspiration), and also spread them all over the world. The Toa thought the Demons were a hazard so they began to fight them. The Demons tolerated this a long time until a big war emerged.


He's driven by hate and justice on the Toa, which discriminated the Demons for hundreds of years, until the first war emerged. He doesn't speak if it's not necessary and he prefers to be alone. He has a high level of intelligence and has no mercy for people who don't deserve it.



Des using the Blood-Eye (Zatyr in background)

Des was one of a few people on Croma Magna who was given the so called Blood-Eye. The Blood-Eye was a special sort of Power, which was bound to its owners eyes. When the owner activates the Blood-Eye his eyes begin to flame and the owner becomes nearly immortal. Also his reflexes, speed and energy increase and the owners becomes almost immortal. The bad part of this is that the owner looses control over himself if he uses it for too long.


As a Demon he has also the power to control the Darkness, to see the dark sides of people and to spread fear into the hearths of his enemies. Also he has the power to liquidy himself into a black substance which is able to fly. He also posesses a pair of wings which he usually hides.

Also he has the ability to teleport his Demons to him with a simple ritual. He draws a circle on the floor, with blood, and writes the name of the Demon inside it. The same circle will appear around the Demon and he has the chance to either accept or deny the teleportation. This Power is exclusive for Demon-Lords.


  • His Name is short for Destructor
  • He is BionicleLama's Primary Self-Moc
  • Latest Upgrade
  • Two of his weapons were named by Youtube-user makuta87
  • He has a custom Body Design and a custom Leg Design, Custom arms will propably follow!
  • I'd give him a lot more wings if I had any more.