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"You live in the past, Deriahk. You always think about how things could have been if he were here [...]"
"You don't know me.
―Pakark and Deriahk, The Flare of Chaos
Shrink vision
Shattering Rhotuka
Use of Kanohi

Deriahk (also known as "Deriahk, Champion of the Skakdi") is a prominent Skakdi, bounty hunter, and ally of the Alpha Beings.


Deriahk resided on a small island located near the shores of Zakaz, where he held the role of an enforcement officer. One day, a heated disagreement between Deriahk and a fellow island inhabitant named Reidak spiraled into a succession of conflicts that ultimately ignited a full-fledged war. The island sustained substantial destruction, and Deriahk himself endured grave injuries amid the relentless battles.

Luckily, prior to succumbing to his wounds, Deriahk was discovered by the esteemed Alpha Being, Vavakx, who swiftly intervened. Vavakx took Deriahk to Takiw Nui, where a series of reconstructions awaited him. These procedures included the complete removal of his dorsal spine, while a Kanohi mask was provided to conceal his face.

Following an arduous recovery, Deriahk pledged unwavering allegiance to Vavakx, ultimately ascending to become one of his most esteemed aides. Bestowed with the position of Vavakx's personal bodyguard, Deriahk underwent specialized training to prepare him for this duty. This training encompassed the mastery of his Kanohi power, combat techniques, and weaponry proficiency.

When the Brotherhood of Makuta was exposed to the universe as a malevolent organization, Deriahk was assigned the task of expelling Zakkond, the Makuta of Takiw Nui, from the region. Confronting the Makuta head-on, Deriahk emerged triumphant, effectively vanquishing his adversary. This impressive feat elevated Deriahk's reputation among the Skakdi, solidifying his standing as a noteworthy figure.

Takiw Nui War[]


Deriahk, after being reconstructed by the Alpha Beings.

Following the expulsion of Zakkond, the Brotherhood of Makuta retaliated with a formidable assault on Takiw Nui, marking the beginning of the Takiw Nui War. Deriahk participated in the conflict, assuming the crucial role of safeguarding Vavakx. Concurrently, he collaborated closely with Takiw Nui's scientific community to the development of a weapon intended to bring about the war's end.

At the climax of the conflict, an insidious alliance formed between the Toa Takiw Guhjii and Makuta Nutrex, the leader of the Brotherhood forces. Conspiring against Vavakx, they devised a trap aimed at his assassination, yet their scheme proved unsuccessful. Seizing this moment, Deriahk unveiled his weapon: a laser endowed with the capability to extend his vision power across the enemy lines. Employing this weapon, Deriahk seamlessly diminished the size and potency of the Brotherhood army, facilitating their swift and resounding defeat, thereby securing victory in the war.

With the conflict's resolution, Deriahk promptly apprehended Guhjii. Ensuring justice prevailed, he surrendered the Toa to face the impending judgment for his betrayal.

Spherus Magna[]

Deriahk survived the Reign of Shadows and participated in the Battle of Bara Magna. Once again wielding his weapon from the Takiw Nui War, Deriahk harnessed its power to effectively diminish the size and potency of Teridax's army. This explosive assault inadvertently ensnared a contingent of Skrall, who subsequently joined the fray, as well as Toa Takanuva and the Glatorian warrior Gresh.

Following Teridax's demise, Deriahk opted to establish a permanent residence within Spherus Magna, alongside fellow denizens of the Matoran Universe. However, owing to the unfavorable reputation that plagued the Skakdi, integrating into Spherus Magna's unified society proved arduous. Leveraging his influence and standing, Deriahk took it upon himself to facilitate the restoration of honor for his people. Collaborating with prominent figures, he actively fostered the formation of the Skakdi Alliance — an endeavor aimed at unifying and uplifting the Skakdi populace. In recognition of his invaluable contributions, the Alliance bestowed upon Deriahk the esteemed title of 'Champion of the Skakdi'.

The Invasion[]

When the Chorak invaded Spherus Magna, Deriahk found himself paired with the Dark Hunter Frustrator on a vital mission: to rescue and escort Gryk, an esteemed Agori elder, to a shelter. Having accomplished this task, Gryk proposed a solution to stop the ongoing Invasion — the legendary Kanohi Gebuk, also known as the Mask of Wishes. Entrusting Deriahk and Frustrator with the mission of locating this artifact, their ranks were bolstered by the inclusion of Vilrohk, a servant of the Order of Mata Nui.

During their quest to uncover the last known owner of the mask, a Matoran in peril was rescued by the group. Their pursuit led them to the rightful owner, Ganiaz, and upon securing the Kanohi Gebuk, the Matoran transformed, unveiling his true identity as Makuta Nutrex. Swiftly overpowering the group, Nutrex made off with the mask. To their astonishment, Frustrator also revealed his own identity as a Makuta named Pakark and swiftly teleported Deriahk and Vilrohk back to the shelter.

Deriahk attacked, assuming that Pakark was in league with Nutrex. However, Pakark managed to persuade Deriahk otherwise, affirming his alignment with their cause. United once again, the group embarked on a mission to thwart Nutrex, yet the Makuta employed the power of the Mask of Wishes, summoning a malevolent entity known as Hantrek.

Faced with this dire turn of events, Vavakx assigned Deriahk a new mission: to locate the destined user of the Mask of Wishes — the Dark Hunter Kapokhed. Deriahk and Vilrohk engaged in negotiations with The Shadowed One, offering the revelation of Frustrator's true identity as Makuta Pakark in exchange for Kapokhed's help. Accepting the proposal, The Shadowed One dispatched Kapokhed to the shelter.

However, their reunion was fraught with conflict, as Deriahk was compelled to engage in a fierce battle against Kapokhed. The confrontation reached its climax when the Kanohi Gebuk appeared and affixed itself onto Kapokhed's face. In a shared vision, the mask conveyed vital information — Vavakx's captivity within Metru Magna at the hands of the Chorak, who had forged an alliance with Hantrek.

In response, Deriahk rallied a strike team and journeyed to the Spherus Magna Council Headquarters in Metru Magna to mount a daring rescue operation. Amidst the ensuing battle, Hantrek held Deriahk hostage while manipulating the building's security system to trigger a self-destruct sequence. Vavakx joined forces with Deriahk, ultimately prevailing over Hantrek, and the duo narrowly escaped the building's imminent destruction.

Outside the Headquarters, Deriahk convened with his allies, and a surprising turn of events unfolded as the Chorak, upon discovering Hantrek's treachery, declared an unexpected truce. Kapokhed harnessed the power of the Kanohi Gebuk to ensure a future of prosperity for the survivors, after which the mask separated from him and became inactive. However, Pakark, cognizant of Deriahk's revelation of his true identity to The Shadowed One and aware that execution awaited him at the hands of the Hunters, betrayed the group and fled with the Kanohi Gebuk.

In the aftermath of the war, Deriahk contributed to the reconstruction efforts in Metru Magna.


Following the Invasion, Deriahk embarked on a diplomatic mission alongside Vavakx and the President of the Spherus Magna Council, Turaga Tahu, to the southern kingdom of Xianori. Their absence allowed Pakark to resurface, wielding the Kanohi Gebuk in an attempt to bring about the world's destruction. However, he was thwarted and subsequently imprisoned, descending into madness — a burden that deeply weighed on Deriahk's conscience.

Old Grievances[]

A year later, the city of Metru Magna faced an assault led by the Alpha Being known as Mersny. With a horde of abominations, Mersny sought to reach Vavakx and assassinate him. Deriahk confronted the enemy forces but sustained injuries that forced him to seek refuge in the city's dungeons. There, he encountered a being named Manauhk, whose restorative abilities healed his wounds. Together, they ventured to Pakark's cell, where Manauhk effectuated the transformation of Pakark into a Makuta of Light and cured him of his madness.

Deriahk and Manauhk orchestrated the liberation of Vavakx, escorting him to a secure camp away from the city. Meanwhile, Pakark and Veuy remained behind to aid the survivors in their escape. Upon their arrival, Pakark delivered the grave news of Veuy's capture. Determined, Vavakx departed the camp, resolved to confront Mersny alone, while Deriahk and his allies battled the forces of Mersny's army once more. The ensuing conflict was intense, but Deriahk and his allies emerged triumphant, prevailing over the relentless horde.

In the aftermath of the battle, Deriahk received the devastating revelation of Vavakx's death during his final clash with Mersny. Grief-stricken, he participated in the commemorative event held in honor of Vavakx's memory.

The Flare of Chaos[]

Presented with the opportunity to continue serving the Alpha Beings as Veuy's bodyguard, Deriahk made a surprising choice: he refused, abandoning his former life and descending into a profound depression. Prior to severing ties with the Alpha Beings, Veuy presented Deriahk with Vavakx's old Kanohi Miru as a parting gift.

Deriahk transitioned into the role of a bounty hunter, occasionally collaborating with Pakark, who remained a Makuta of Light. However, their relationship remained tense, as Deriahk struggled to come to terms with Pakark's forgiveness for his betrayal during the Invasion.

Eukar, Prefect of the Skakdi Alliance, divulged disconcerting information to Deriahk, revealing corruption that had infiltrated the Spherus Magna Council. Turaga Koved, in a bid for presidency, manipulated events behind the scenes. To gather intelligence on Koved, Deriahk and Pakark formed an unlikely alliance with him. With Pakark's assistance, they unearthed evidence confirming the rumors of corruption, exposing illicit operations conducted in the kingdom of Xianori under the Council's purview.


During this time, Xianori was embroiled in a civil war instigated by Bukgu rebels. Deriahk received communication from Isale, a Bukgu politician, arranging a meeting with Toa Nugru to unveil his discoveries.

Having unveiled the Council's corruption to Nugru, Deriahk embarked on a mission alongside Pakark to seek aid from the Chorak Hive, Tatrirh, in order to quell the Xianori Rebellion. Queen Lixis of the Chorak accepted their alliance, perceiving it as an opportunity for redemption following their actions during the Invasion. Before their journey to Xianori, Eukar alerted Deriahk to the impending danger he faced, affording him time to prepare.

In Xianori, Deriahk rendezvoused with Veuy, apprising him of the Rebellion's true nature. Soon after, the Rebellion spilled onto the streets, unleashing rampant bloodshed. Deriahk entered the fray, intent on halting the carnage. However, Kapokhed, revealing himself as the true leader of the Rebellion, defeated Deriahk, expressing remorse for his actions. In response, Deriahk summoned the Chorak army to restore order amidst the chaos.

With the threat contained, Queen Lixis of the Chorak intervened, successfully persuading Kapokhed to renounce his misguided path. Nonetheless, before he could fully surrender to his captors, the essence of the Kanohi Gebuk within Kapokhed manifested, endangering Queen Lixis. Positioned between Kapokhed and Queen Lixis, Deriahk stood resolute, prepared to shield her from the fatal blow. However, before he could be struck down, Pakark, observing from a distance, deployed his abilities, moving at the speed of light to rescue Deriahk. Then, employing a complex illusory corpse, Pakark created the impression of Deriahk's demise. Deriahk survived, albeit receiving part of Kapokhed's attack, rendering him unconscious.

Pakark escorted Deriahk to a secure location, tending to his injuries. Upon recovery, Deriahk changed his appearance, allowing him to operate clandestinely in his pursuit to thwart Koved's machinations.



Deriahk, disguised after the events of the Rebellion.

In the final battle of the Rebellion, the illusory corpse created by Pakark led everyone to believe that Deriahk had perished. This deception was so convincing that the entire planet became convinced of Deriahk's death. Eukar, being aware of the truth, took measures to conceal the fact that Deriahk was alive and ordered a period of mourning for all Skakdi.

Veuy, acting on the request of Peduik, exposed the corruption within the Spherus Magna Council, fulfilling Deriahk's wishes.

To honor Deriahk's significance and legacy, a statue commemorating his memory was erected in Metru Magna's Central Square. An official ceremony was held to celebrate his life and contributions, ensuring that his memory would not be forgotten. The illusory corpse, along with Deriahk's Neon Laser Pistol, were recovered and preserved within the Great Depot of Metru Magna, serving as a reminder of the Skakdi leader's impact and legacy in history.

Abilities and Traits[]


Deriahk's symbol.

Deriahk is a Skakdi that possesses a deep intuition and sensitivity towards the unseen. While many of his kind are perceived as savage and warlike, Deriahk is more reflective and introspective. In challenging situations, he strives to remain composed, taking time to understand the nuances before determining the best course of action, and always driven by a vision for the greater good.

After being saved by Vavakx, Deriahk became more than just an aide to his rescuer; he became a close friend. His tenure with Vavakx allowed him to challenge the stereotypes associated with Skakdi. Motivated by a vision of a harmonious future for his people, he leveraged his standing to champion the creation of the Skakdi Alliance in Spherus Magna.

Years later, Vavakx's death left Deriahk in a state of depression, pushing him to reevaluate his life's purpose. Guided by his inner compass and a need for personal authenticity, he decided to go on a journey of self-discovery, abandoning his previous life.

Thanks to vital reconstructive procedures, Deriahk's body has an unusually large proportion of mechanical parts, and he lacks the organic spine found in typical Skakdi.



Deriahk using his Shrink Vision against a Hordika Dragon.

Deriahk possesses a rare vision power which enables him to permanently diminish the physical size and strength of his targets, whether they are objects or living beings. Additionally, he can alter his armor's colors and assume camouflage patterns, allowing him to blend in with his surroundings or to take on disguises.

Like all Skakdi, Deriahk has an inherent Elemental Power that only manifests when combined with another Skakdi's power. Currently, his elemental affiliation is unknown, as he employs his camouflage abilities to conceal his natural armor colors, preserving this secret.

With a proper launcher, Deriahk can generate Rhotuka that, upon impact, explode into countless crystalline shards, inflicting substantial damage and unleashing powerful shockwaves.

Mask and Tools[]

Deriahk is able to wear and use Kanohi masks, something he learned through extensive training. The Kanohi Garai, Mask of Gravity, grants him the power to manipulate and control gravity around a target, allowing him to either increase its weight to immobilize it or decrease its weight to make it more vulnerable to attacks.

In addition to the Kanohi Garai, Deriahk possesses two other great masks. His Kanohi Miru, Mask of Levitation, used to belong to Vavakx. This mask grants him the ability to levitate through the air, providing him with enhanced mobility and aerial advantage during combat, as well as the capacity to move silently and sneak up on targets. The third mask in his possession is the Kanohi Mask of Weather Control, which gives him control over various meteorological phenomena. By harnessing the power of weather, Deriahk can create storms, summon lightning bolts, or manipulate the environment to his advantage.

Proficient in both short-range and long-range weaponry, Deriahk originally wielded the Neon Laser Pistol, a personally designed weapon that he lost during the Xianori Rebellion. Presently, his arsenal includes dual daggers and a Pocket Rhotuka Launcher. Adorned on his belt are satchels housing various reagents.

On two notable occasions, Deriahk employed a superweapon capable of extending the reach of his Shrink Vision across vast areas, allowing him to reduce the size of entire armies.


Post-Rebellion Miru Version[]

Classic Garai Version[]

Alternate Mask or Weather Control Version[]

Previous Iterations[]



  • Deriahk has a pet Gemstone Frog who has bonded with him since the events of the Xianori Rebellion.
  • Deriahk's Kanohi Miru and Mask of Weather Control are custom 3D models designed and developed by gen.make.
    • Diebeq chose to give Deriahk a Miru in honor of his first Bionicle set: Toa Mata Lewa.