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Chapter 1[]

Me and Hserg have just gotten an offer from Golek, a member of the police organization, The Iron police. His offer was to join the iron police or something like that, I didn't really see most of the transmission because I was half asleep. Me and Hserg hit the road ASAP. I was asking qeustions about what my first mission would be when I heard a buzz in the air. Hserg must've heard it too, He held up his hand for silence.

"Shhh.." Hserg said as he scanned the horizon.

He grabbed me by the shoulder and pulled me over to him.

"Look" He said, pointing to a random spot in the distance.

"See that cloud?"

I scaned the haziness.

"Um.. kinda"

Hserg looked me sternly in the eye. I think he regards me as a dumb idiot.

"Thats not a cloud"


He looked angry.

"This is serious!Thats a swarm of Nuirak!

"What's a nuirak?"

"They're vicious rahi that eat their prey alive"

"and your saying they might be after us?"


"Ah, crap..."

Hserg drew out his sythe.

"We'll have to kill them one by one"

I drew out my swords, slowly excepting that combat was unavoidible.

Chapter two[]

Its been many minutes sence last time and the battle is already raging!!! Hserg by far has destroyed the most nuirak, but I must be catching up because the swarm has seemed to be getting thinner faster and faster, unless hserg is killing them quicker. I've alreadly learned some valuable battle teqnuique: Don't get your head bitten off. I've alreadly had too many close encouters with these nuirak to count.

Chapter unfinished

to be continued


  • Demulan
  • Hserg
  • A swarm of nuirak


  • The first chapter is continued from a chapter of Matoran tales.
  • Credit to Biogecko for the Nuirak.
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