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Delta's Blog is a short journal written from the point of view of Delta, the Ta-Matoran chronicler of Famuud Nui. It takes place between Osmap's blog posts Restart and Final.

Day 5[]

We've gotten word from Metru Nui, a Makuta had stolen Mata Nui's body. The Matoran guard of Famuud Nui had gathered weapons while the Rahkshi were still incapacitated, we are now ready to fight for the death for our home. The problem, however, is if we do have to fight to the death...

Day 7[]

We've managed to hold out for 7 days now. It was a miracle that no Matoran died. We still have hope that the Toa Kaduoi will return. Kaluma was hurt in the last Rahkshi attack, some Matoran are tending to his wounds. It seems that the number of Rahkshi is decreasing slightly each day, but still numbers in the hundreds.

Day 9[]

The Toa Kaduoi have returned! And they've also brought two warriors named Rorusa and Cabor, we might just be able to survive yet. I hope that this horrible Rahkshi invasion will end soon. That's all for today, I now have to chronicle the adventures of the Toa while they were away.

Day 79[]

It's been long. Much too long. And yet still the Rahkshi keep coming. The Toa Kaduoi have been harshly wounded, as well as the two warriors the Toa had brought with them. Kaluma is weakened from the long hours of battle, and Nahin has been busy contemplating our situation. I don't know how much longer we can last before someone dies.

Into the Future(Day ?)[]

The siege seems to have finally ended. What has happened everywhere else I do not know. The Toa Kaduoi are missing, Cabor and Rorusa had been searching for them for a while, before Nahin found their masks and tools in the Antalai plains. We have built a shrine to honor them for protecting us in our dark time. We can only wonder what had happened to them... Rebuilding has begun in our small village. It may be soon, but I hope that this is the end of our long struggle.