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Deatha Nui

Deatha Nui

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"Oh yeah, it used to be nice but now, it's a death trap."
―Katara to Zeglek about Deatha Nui

Deatha Nui was an island in the Matoran Universe and was Makuta Deathurax's base island for quite a while.


  • The Shadow Fortress
  • The Outlands
  • Ta-Deatha
  • Ga-Deatha
  • Le-Deatha
  • Po-Deatha
  • Onu-Deatha
  • Ko-Deatha



The history of Deatha Nui is mainly unknown but at some point it was invaded by Makuta Deathurax and the Matoran were enslaved.


Makuta Deathurax, the being who invaded Deatha Nui.

It was later destroyed by The High Turaga, who stated that it was "A horrible place that only brought fear and terror to the matoran that lived there."