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The Daughters of Darkness were the most Prominent of the foul things spawned from the Black thoughts of the Dark King, Teravicus. They always accompanied their "Father" wherever he went and took part in all he did. Though He has no Love for them Teravicus does enjoy their company due to the Chaos that ensues in their Presence. the Daughters, However, have full love for the Father.


The Three Daughters came in being along with all other things Dark and Chaotic when the Black God, Teravicus, gained a physical form. After their Father was imprisoned in Mandora, they continued to cause disorder and Destruction throughout the Omniverse, Much the Dark King's enjoyment. After he was freed, the three made a personal promise to themselves that no matter where their father went, they would always be their with him, to help in his Quest for Omnicidal Erradictaion, and to attempt, in vain, to finally earn his love. They are currently with their Father, assisting him in the Destruction of the current dimension he is in.


Lady Death - The eldest of the Three, Lady Death is the embodiment of all the horrible things about death, such as the pain of dying, or the slow torment it causes when one dies slowly. She is the personal "favorite" of Teravicus, though he doesn't really love her like a father, he sees her as expendable, and when her use runs out, she will be destroyed.

Sister Horror - The Middle Child of the group, Horror is the Strongest of the Three and the Smartest. She is the embodiment of Her Name and is the Sister of Lady Death, the most well known of the three, thus her title. She is the one who wants her "Fathers" love the most, since he seems to overlook her though she is the greatest of the Three.

Daughter Sien - The youngest of the Three, Sien is the Leader of the Group, due to her being the embodiment off the 7 Deadly sins. She is the second "favorite" of her father, due to all the horrid things she does. She doesn't really care much about her "father," only being around him so that when the time comes, she can kill him and take his place as the most powerful and Evil of all beings.


  • The Idea for the Daughters was given to me by User:Sulfeirus
  • "Sien" is a play on "Sin"
  • The Three will ahve a major role in my third series.