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Noble-shaped Ruru
Claw Blade, Squid Launcher
Aqua Magna

Darlex is a former leader of the Matoran Civil War who was later banished to the Pit. She currently serves the former tyrant Alxor.


Early Life[]

Originally a guard for a Ga-Metru research lab, Darlex was a witness to the beginning of the Matoran Civil War of Metru Nui. Though the majority of Ga-Matoran wished to remain neutral, they eventually sided with the Ta-Matoran of Ta-Metru and the Onu-Matoran of Onu-Metru, due in part to Darlex's insistence. The war lasted for years, during which Darlex became a high-ranking war leader among the Ga-Matoran.

Eventually, the constant warfare and lack or work being done in Metru Nui caused the Great Spirit Mata Nui's health to slip, causing the Great Disruption. The war was soon ended by the Brotherhood of Makuta, who had many of the combatants locked within the Archives along with freed Rahi exhibits. Darlex and her fellow war leaders, however were instead captured by the Order of Mata Nui and subsequently locked away within the Pit.

The Pit[]

Darlex remained imprisoned until the Great Cataclysm caused the Pit to cave in, freeing its prisoners and exposing them to the mutagenic waters of the ocean beyond, transforming Darlex into a water-breather. Darlex would wander the sea for some time until she was recruited as one of the several minions of the former ruler and dictator known as Alxor.

More recently, whilst scouting for food, Darlex witnessed two strange beings (Tazahk and Mersery) enter Alxor’s territory. Though she was unable to eavesdrop on their conversation, Darlex still felt it necessary to report their arrival to her master, and subsequently departed for his lair. Upon arriving, she related her discovery to Alxor before being dismissed.

Abilities, Tools, & Traits[]

Personality and Traits[]

Unlike most Ga-Matoran, Darlex craves conflict and is fairly aggressive. She is skilled in combat and is always on the lookout for a reason to put her abilities to the test.

Like other Ga-Matoran, Darlex is a keen swimmer. Due to the Pit mutagen, Darlex now breathes water instead of air.

Mask & Tools[]

In addition to a powerless Kanohi Ruru, Darlex sports a Claw Blade and a Squid Launcher.