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"I'll always be a slave to the shadows..."
―Toa Darkrai

 Darkrai is the fierce Toa of Twilight



Darkrai was originally an Av-Matoran to be recruited to battle Makuta forces in the Southern Continent. He was a great crafter and repairman. One dark day Makuta Vazahki came and ravaged Darkrai's home. He chased him into a Shadow Leech Hive and Darkrai hit his head hard enough to forget his name. Vazahki had already knew it. He drained out his light, renamed him Darkrai and gave him a Toa Stone.


As newly formed Toa of Shadows, Darkrai only cooperated because he believed he was drawn to shadow without any chance of redemption. He underwent fierce training for Vazahki's Betrayal.

Southern Continent Elimination Training[]

Vazahki taught Darkrai the greatest extent of the art of Shadow, he also discovered that a small amount of lightning was intertwined with his element. Darkrai himself discovered the secrets of separating intertwined elements, and thus acquired the elements of lightning and shadow making him a Toa of Twilight. Darkrai learned the skills of melee combat by Vazahki's training robots. Darkrai became Vazahki's personal assassin and bodyguard in Brotherhood meetings. He was once challenged by an unkwown Makuta, proving his power to the brotherhood by almost destroying the shadow warrior. He then let his mercy spare the Makuta's life.

As Toa gathered near their base, Vazahki has appointed Darkrai to kill any Makuta or Toa that opposed him. Darkrai is currently heading to the southern Continent for his first mission.

Abilities, Tools, & Traits[]


As a Toa of Shadow Darkrai has the abilities to control, create and absorb shadow. He also gained the ability to separate lightning from his element and trained with it to its fullest extent making it a second element for him. Darkrai also can create, control and absorb lightning. He has become one of the most powerful Toa in the universe, but he is not invincible.

Mask and Tools[]

He has a Kanohi Crast, the Mask of Repulsion. He carries the Staff of Twilight, which is able to amplify his Elemental Powers. Darkrai currently dons the Twilight Armor, Armor modified to his special traits


  • Darkrai was created by DarkFire702 from Youtube, and Toa Aura from BZP
  • Darkrai is DarkFire702's Self MOC
  • Darkrai was orginally inspired by Shadow Katrix
  • Darkrai's name will be revealed in Crossroads of Destiny
  • If Darkrai were to have an age, he would be 16 to a human
  • Darkrai's title the "Toa of Twilight" was given to him for his ability to control both light and shadow.