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The Dark Toa were a group of Toa that were corrupted or otherwise turned evil by the Desan, and had their heart light replaced by an Umbram Stone. They were utterly loyal to the Desan and in turn the Solumn Empire. They were considerably more powerful than a regular Toa, and could wield the element shadow after the Dark Toa initiation ritual.

Dark Toa
Soleth, the Noble City
The Desan
The Solumn Empire
The Toa Kingdom

Project Raiz[]

The Dark Toa were created to lead battle broods of Solumn in the Great Solemn War, and to aid the Desan in whatever way they could. They were also a counter to the Toa Kingdom's Project Artificial Toa. Originally, they were going to be artificially created with genes stolen from a Toa of Air, this undergoing was called Project Raiz and it ultimatly ended in failure as the Solumn scientists were unable to create a Toa that could function properly. There was one specimen that proved to be useful, Specimen-00809 or as he was later named; Raink. Raink was missing most of his lower half, and had to have prosthetic legs and breathing apparatus built into his torso as his lungs were badly damaged. Other then giving life to Raink, Project Raiz proved to be a waste of the Solumn Empire's resources and soon Project Raiz II was initiated.

Project Raiz II[]

Instead of trying to create a completely new Toa, the second version of Project Raiz was focused on turning an exsisting Toa into a being of darkness. Obviously, subjects were hard to find, but the Empire struck gold when an injured Toa of Fire was brought to the Noble City. They treated his wounds, and then began testing different methods of Arcane Shadow on him to see if they could transform him from a Toa to a being of darkness. The Solumn scietists and Shadow Kaster were finally successful when they switched out the Toa's heartlight with a Umbram Stone. The first dark Toa had been created.


The initial purpose of the Dark Toa were to be elite warriors and assassins that the Desan could rely on to do dangerous tasks. However, they eventually evolved into a specialized branch of the Solumn Empire Army that led battle broods of Solumn in the Great Solumn War while still serving the Desan as they were intended to. They were also assigned solo missions from time to time, and proved to be capable operatives as they could easily disguise themselves as a regular Toa.

Known Dark Toa[]

Most Dark Toa keep a low profile so as to not alert the Toa Kingdom of how big their organization really is. The following are Dark Toa that have either been killed in action and identified, or ones that have fought in enough battles to have their name and faces recognized by the Toa Kingdom.