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The return of Toa Iruini and the first in the Arthidex chronicles. It will feature a significant amount of damage to the life of Toa and will start a new war between the Toa and Dark Hunters.

Chapter One[]

Iruini's spirit fell into a small vat of protodermis as Henkka jumped past the canyon where the Dark Hunters had set up base years ago. Henkka looked around, there was nothing of interest for him in the abandoned base. Henkka left as quickly as he had arrived. Iruini felt cold and wet, was this possible in death? He was dead, he was sure of it. Was he in some sort of afterlife? Iruini had become reborn as a Toa Nuva, but he did not know it. Iruini decided to move around, he could do it! Then he had an interesting theory, Iruini grabbed a broken spear from a weapon rack at the abandoned campsite. Stabbing it in his arm, Iruini cried out in pain. "Why the hell would I do that!" cried Iruini, it felt good to hear his own voice again. "Wait... thats pain. You don't feel pain in the afterlife... I'm... I'm alive!"

Iruini began to test out his powers again, he was a little rusty but it did not take him long to get back into his good old Toa Hagha self.

As Iruini darted out of the canyon, a small beetle followed him and watched him. This beetle watched as Iruini attacked a new Dark Hunter basesite, a port. Iruini destroyed the whole port. The beetle then reported this back to the Dark Soldier, Klingata. Klingata knew that that port was going to the island Arthidex, the most important island in Dark Hunter history. But the Dark Hunters had only half of Arthidex, Toa of Psionics had the other half, but in a day an assault would be launched and the Toa would be killed. Klingata had to kill Iruini. However, first the only person he could report this to was the Shadowed One himself.

"If you are wrong," threatend Shadowed One, "I will personally make sure that you suffer a fate worse than death. Oh, and make sure this... Iruini... doesen't find Arthidex." 

"I am certain of this information," said the frightened Dark Soldier. The Shadowed One dismissed him and looked at the mirror with the title "Dark of Dwell". The mirror was created by Dweller, Dweller had since been mutated by the Pit. Soon he gave in to the Pit's calls and sacrificed himself for some unknown reason. All that Shadowed One knew was that the very next day they had conquered the island of Arthidex the day after, defeating Toa of Psionics and killing them all. The Shadowed One found joy in the death of the Toa.

Klingata needed to have himelf cloaked, he was sure that Iruini knew of the Dark Soldiers and would attack him on sight. The only way to cloak himself was mutation. And Roodaka was the only way he knew how. Roodaka had since joined the Order of Mata Nui. Klingata knew that she was a spy, which was how the Dark Hunters were always a step ahead the Order.

He had summoned Roodaka to the island of Arthidex, a barren wasteland with a city entitled: "The Maze of Sanity". This maze made Dark Hunters run in fright as it created the most horrifying illusions.

"Aaaaaah!" screamed Klingata. When he regained his conciousness, he was in a cell of the Order of Mata Nui. Roodaka had mutated him into a taller creature. Klingata heard footsteps coming near him, and when he looked up all he saw was black.

"Well peasent," it was the voice of Helryx. The next thing Klingata knew was that he had been put to sleep and locked in a stone wall.


"Get out you worthless insect of a Dark Hunter," said Roodaka's sprawling voice. Roodaka had taken him out of the tower. She then threw him away. Klingata felt much stronger and much more empowered, immediatly, forgetting what had just happened, set out to kill Iruini.


"You... you you're not Iruka. Iruka would... wait I just who are you? No. Give me a weapon. Now!" Iruini yelled at a figure who looked like the titan Iruka.

"I am a Tohunga. You are at Tohunga Volcano," said the titan. 

"You, think my eyes decieve me!" yelled Iruini and blasted the titan. When the ashes cleared he saw that his eyes did decieve him. Oh crap, thought Iruini. It was probably coming back to life after-effects, Iruini had to ignore this. It was not his fault.

Chapter Two[]

"You need to turn yourself in Iruini... Nuva... it's me, Lesovikk old friend," came a tall green figure.

"Lesovikk? No you cannot be!" screamed Iruini and used his Nuva power to send the figure off the volcano. Another figure had appeared before him. It was not Lesovikk but it was a blue and red figure.

"My name is Arthaka. You can do nothing to me I created your mask. There could be hundreds of stories... but I made it," said the figure.

"Arthaka? You never appear in person to anybody... why me?" asked Iruini.

"Because it is your duty to protect. It is now that you have fufilled your unity. Your destiny is when you beat Klingata and traveled to Bota Magna," said Arthaka and left. What appeared out of the smoke was Lesovikk jumping at Iruini. Iruini not remembering the figure, attacked back. Lesovikk was a mutant and so he had greater muscle, but Iruini was a Toa Nuva. He had greater elemental abilties. He sent Lesovikk sprawling. However, no matter how many times he did this, the Toa got back up again. Eventually, he threw Lesovikk in the volcano. As he came down the mountain, he entered a small plain.

"You killer!" screamed Lesovikk and out came a Toa of Air with red armor. Iruini quickly dodged the attacks. Somehow the lava had made Lesovikk stronger and instead of the bright green Faxon, it was a yellow Kanohi Hau shaped Faxon.

"Your mask?" asked Iruini.

"It is now red! Shaped like a Hau. Quick melding skills," said Lesovikk.

"Good job. Now leave me be. In time I will remember you. The only person I can remember is Arthaka," said Iruini and left. Lesovikk wondered how the other Toa had even seen Arthaka. Iruini walked and walked until he saw the Tohunga that he had killed. The only thing left was the mask, a Rau. Iruini picked it up.

Suddenly a Zelnian-Na attacked him. He didn't know how he remembered the name of the creature but fought back. He didn't know Lesovikk was watching him. He used the Rau and the Zelnian-Na fell apart. As he walked forward he saw two more Zelnian-Na and using the Rau he took them out too. How? thought Iruini and a memory came back to him.

Chapter Three[]

Before he became a Toa Iruini was a Tohunga. He was one of the four Tohunga to be chosen against the strike against the Zelnian-Na. The Zelnian however had created the beasts in an attempt to create faster ways of travelling. The Zelnian-Na were corrupted by a Dark Soldier around the death of a Toa named Toa Klinga.

"Listen Iruini, Bomonga, Camia, and Sar. You three Tohunga will sacrifice yourself against the Zelnian-Na to stop them from destroying any more of the Zelnian," said Makuta Kla. During this time Makuta were not evil and used their powers of shadow for good.

"Sacrifice!" yelled Sar and was blasted with shadow. Anybody who disagreed with Kla would die like this. Camia ran in fright and was blasted.

"Well that was a pity. Now we have no sacrifices you two will be dipped in liquid antidermis. Lets see if you become a Makuta or whatever," said Kla. Bomonga and Iruini were dipped in antidermis and became Toa. His first task was to defeat a group of Zelnian-Na and make a vehicle out of them. This vehicle could be made out of three Zelnian-Na and three were twelve Zelnian-Na in a group.

In the present Iruini was shocked by the memory. So this is how I know the creatures' but is Bomonga still a Toa and what does this mask mean against Zelnian-Na wondered Iruini


Klingata was angry he was now a mutated freak and knew that Roodaka would not change him back. Klingata decided that with his Rhotuka he should be able to defeat Iruini. Klingata didn't know why Iruini had gotten so angry and killed whatever was around him.

"I am going to find that Toa Nuva. Steal his Suva. Make him powerless," said Klingata. However, there was a problem with the plan Iruini would not know where the Suva is and nobody else would either. Klingata decided to travel to the place where Iruini had last been spotted.

The journey had been rough but he was able to make it to the Dark Soldiers grave. There on the grave was a Kanohi Volitak that the Dark Soldier was wearing. Klingata put it on and knew that he was now able to go invisible. As he walked on he found Iruini's footprints outside a pool of protodermis. He also found writing on the ground.

It translated into: "The Suva is on Tohunga Mountain. The Rau is going to help stop the invasion. Those who interfere could cause the end of Arthidex" What! That was all Klingata could think of. What did Arthidex have to do with this.

"Please help me," came a voice, it was a Tohunga. Those miserable creatures could never mind their own business. "Find me my Kanohi Arthidex. It is in De-Koro. I am Tohu."

"Bye Tohu, you made a mistake," said Klingata and killed Tohu. He set off for De-Koro in the Tren Krom Peninsula.

Chapter Four[]

"There is only one way to find out the secrets of the Zelnian," said Lesovikk. "You need to put on the Kanohi Rau."

"This Rau will take my Nuva powers. It already is," responded Iruini.
"The Iruini I knew would take that risk," said Lesovikk. Iruini agreed and put on the mask sacrificing his Nuva powers. His Suva would become available at Tohunga Volcano and if taken it would grant its new owner power.

Iruini fell back and learned the secrets of the Zelnian: Altronia was a magnificent place. It homed Arthaka once who had thought of creating his own species like Mata Nui made the Makuta. He however decided to make a species that could: fight on its own, were intelligent and could create Rahi. Arthaka never knew that the Zelnian as he named them would create such a powerful Rahi that could wipe out cities.

Fearing the powers of the Zelnian created Rahi: the Zelnian-Na Arthaka fled Altronia only to encounter Karzahni. The two fought for Arthaka's mask of creation allowing the Zelnian-Na to spred out and live along the Matoran. However, the Zelnian-Na didn't live peacfully the Toa protected the Matoran from the Zelnian-Na. The only Toa that actually stood a chance against the Zelnian-Na were: Toa of Psionics and Toa of Air.

During this time the Zelnian-Na tortured the Zelnian who lived in a civilized fashion, the Zelnian developed a way to stop the Zelnian-na and created their own Kanohi. They made all types of Kanohi but only one worked the Kanohi Rau. This mask spred out past Altronia and eventually it became of use to Toa of Psionics who could now easily defeat Zelnian.


"So what did you learn?" asked Lesovikk.

"The past of the Zelnian and how the Zelnian-Na were created," answered Iruini and told his fellow Toa of Air the history of the Zelnian. Soon it was midnight and they were not safe. The Zelnian-Na usually struck around this time and Lesovikk forgot to warn Iruini.

"Zelnian-Na!" screamed Iruini and pushed Lesovikk out of the way and the two began to fight the swarms coming at them.


De-Koro was not the kind of place Klingata liked the Matoran there just kept jabbing on about their hero, Krakua, Klingata wanted to kill this Krakua but knew with the Kanohi Arthidex the only thing that could power the island Arthidex he could rule the Dark Soldiers. The Shadowed One would be proud of him and he would rule Arthidex alongside him.

Soon Klingata reached a strange looking mask pulled it off and a figure wearing a Kanohi Suletu was looking at him, pointing a Fire Cuff at Klingata's face.

Chapter Five[]

"Who are you?" asked Klingata.

"Toa Agima," said the Toa of Fire. "I am here to guard Kanohi Arthidex so that Bota Magna cannot be inhabited by the likes of you." Klingata laughed and with a swift move of his blade he killed the leader of the Toa Zephin. Klingata then saw that he had to make it to Altronia, where Agima had come from. Why is he so far from home? Klingata wondered. Then he saw it a Matoran had requested the help of a Toa but since Krakua was not there Agima had to answer the call.

Taking the mask Klingata headed for Altronia were the symbols on the back of the mask read it could be powered up.  Klingata knew that it was a long way to Altronia and that using Agima's teleportation device he could make it there.


"Thats the last of them," said Lesovikk and asked Iruini if he was going to save the Zelnians.

"I have to. These beasts... its a wonder that Altronia isn't dead yet," said Iruini and departed leaving Lesovikk behind. He knew that his Kaulsi was now with Lesovikk and that he wore a Rau. This Rau would stop Zelnian-Na and possibly he could stop the Brotherhood of Makuta. The Rau would guide him to Altronia as a symbol of the Tohunga who wore it.


"Toa Agima and some others are dead?" asked Toa Helryx.

"Yes," responded Roodaka.

"The Dark Hunters have gone too far this time," growled Toa Helryx. "The Toa shall war against the Dark Hunters. Shadowed One shall fall and tell the world who he really is. Order can only be put to this world with the Dark Hunters gone and the Dark Soldiers destroyed!"

"Hmmm. I shall go tell the Toa about this. When do we strike?" asked Roodaka.

"When I say so," said Toa Helryx.


Klingata had just been alerted by a Dark Soldier, Helnetta, who had recieved word from Roodaka that the Toa would wage war against the Dark Hunters because Klingata killed a couple of Toa. Helnetta was able to sneak Klingata into the walls of Altronia but from that point the Dark Soldier was alone. He then saw that the Kanohi Arthidex could only be activated in the Zelnian inhabited area. This was a dangerous mission, if possible he could use Kanohi Arthidex to destroy Iruini and become ruler of the island Arthidex, but he was loyal. The one thing Klingata feared the most was encountering Zartok. The mutant needed to know the whole side of a story to let him get to the temple where Kanohi Arthidex could be activated.

Chapter Six[]

"I am Toa Iruini of air," Iruini told Zartok, the mutated Zelnian who protected the others.

"Why are you here?" asked Zartok.

"To destroy the Zelnian-Na," answered Iruini.

"Impossible," claimed Zartok.

"Not with my new Kanohi Mask of power. The great Rau," said Iruini. Iruini told him the story so far, how he lost his Nuva powers. Zartok believed him in the end. Iruini left but did not know Klingata was watching him.

"Who are you?" Zartok asked Klingata as the Dark Soldier approached him.

"I am like you. I am a mutan," replied Klingata.

"What?" asked Zartok.

"You should know I am here to go to the temple. To pray that my damages can be undone," responded Klingata.

"Who mutated you?" asked Zartok. He asks way too many questions thought Klingata.

"Roodaka. When she was a Dark Hunter. I vowed that when I was in my original form I would gather up everyone that she mutated or manipulated and kill her," growled Klingata.

"You may pass," said Zartok. When Klingata entered the temple he saw Iruini reading the wall of history that told what happend after the Zelnian-Na spread.

Iruini read: "The Zelnian hid with nobody to protect them from the might of their own creations. Then one day the raids stopped, a Zelnian stronger than others was standing in a pool of blood. When asked whom he was, he responded 'I am Zartok.' Zartok was a builder who had designed the temple. He protected the Zelnian from many dangers and guarded his temple from the fierce might of the Rahi: The Zelnian-Na."

"That is how they survived all these years Iruini," came a voice behind the Toa. It was Klingata. "Me and my Kanohi Arthidex shall claim many a land." 

"No!" screamed Iruini. When he was going to Altronia, he had heard of the power that Kanohi Arthidex could bring: flight, defense, and zero gravity. Before it could use these it needed to be activated.

"Your too late Iruini! I win!" screamed Klingata and put the fully charged Kanohi Arthidex on his face.

"You are here for a different reason," said Iruini.

"Your right to kill you. That was my original goal. Now with this power I will kill you and you will not stop me!" roared Klingata.

A blue light flashed and two figures appeared.

Chapter Seven[]

"My name is Bomonga," said the black figure.

"Mine is Poulks," said the brown one. "We are not here Iruini. We are your memories, if you want to win the impossible fight you can. However, you cannot win the war started by Klingata." 

"The new Toa/Dark Hunter war," said Bomonga. The two left as they had appeared and Iruini had decided to fight till the end.

"You may be stronger than me now," said Iruini dodging an attack. "But my will is always better!" With that Iruini launched a tornado right at Klingata. Klingata stumbled back but the power of the Kanohi Arthidex allowed him to stay standing. Iruini tackled Klingata.

"You think you are a brave warrior?" asked Klingata.

"No I think I have hope. Also I have my memory back. All it took was fighting you," said Iruini.

"What?" exclaimed Klingata.

"My memory is back," roared Iruini. "You can do nothing. With my knowledge back I think I have enough skills to defeat you." Iruini then attempted to switch masks with Klingata, he failed.

"You know what I can do know? I can activate the island Arthidex!" screamed Klingata and attempted to fly away.
"I control the air," said Iruini. Laughing he said,"You can only leave with my permission." Klingata then turned the gravity off. "With no gravity the island Arthidex will float away." Klingata turned it on again.

"This next move is wise!" roared Klingata and trapped Iruini in a defense bubble.

"How can you attack me now or move this bubble somewhere else," said Iruini. "You don't want to go back to Shadowed One telling him I'm in a bubble?" Roaring in frustration Klingata forgot to turn off the bubble and attacked Iruini.

"Aaaaagh!" he cried. The bubble had electrocuted him. Klingata then made the Kanohi Arthidex fly off somewhere. 

"I'm not stopping it," revealed Iruini, smiling. "It has immoral power. I am sending it to Shadowed One so he can kill you if they don't." Klingata turned back swarms of Zelnian-Na were coming towards him.

"Help me?" begged Klingata but Iruini was gone. Iruini left for De-Koro to attend Toa Agima's funeral.

It was a dark time and soon the new Toa/Dark Hunter war would begin. However, it is the end for now.