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Dark Realities Trilogy
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1,101 AGC - 1,107 AGC
Journey's End

The Dark Realities Trilogy is a series of three novels set in a parellel Spherus Magna, one hundred years after the defeat of Teridax. In this universe, the combined forces of Eostra, Millennium, and the Dark Lord have taken over Spherus Magna and rule over it together as the heads of a tyrannical Dark Empire.

The first volume, Dark Realities, follows the struggle between the Dark Empire and the Spherus Magna Reform Coalition, and ends with the defeat of the leaders of the Dark Empire and their exile to the Confusion Dimension.

The second volume, Broken Worlds, begins six years after the end of Dark Realities. It follows the continued war between the former resistance, now known as the Collectives of Light and the remnants of the Dark Empire and other threats, while more deadly, insidious foes lurk in the shadows, preparing for the battles to come. Broken Worlds was expected to be concluded with Warped Futures, though the trilogy's authors stopped writing chapters before they could complete the second story.

In 2013, the writers of the trilogy announced that the trilogy was undergoing a complete reboot due to the authors' disappointment with their original story. The first instalment of the trilogy, Dark Realities, expected to undergo a complete rewriting. In addition, the writers have also announced that the first and final stories of the trilogy will be renamed.

The storyline is written by Chicken Bond, Jareroden97, Varkanax39.