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Dark Mirror: Endgame is the story of what happened in the Toa Empire Universe after Takanuva left. It is being written by User:VezonToaofChaos.

Dark Mirror: Endgame[]

Chapter One[]

In the streets of Metru Nui, Matoran, Toa, Dark Hunters, Makuta, Skakdi, and other beings fought. Lesovikk, locked in battle with Iruini,was beginning to think it was a lost cause. Even if the Resistance did end the Toa Empire, the sheer number of casualties would would leave the universe with far too little a population, and the universe would end soon after.

Of the Toa Mata, Pohatu and Onua were the only living members left, and they were currently locked in combat, so the number of members might drop to one. And in a battle as bloody as this one, the Toa of Air wouldn't have been survived if another Great Disruption happened right then and there.

He saw Dume fall from a pillar on the Coliseum, Norik's spear going through the Turaga's gut. Krakua battered the Toa of Fire with sound waves, and Norik was soon torn apart into molecules.

Iruini ran to avenge Norik, leaving Lesovikk with no opponent. He through aside a Toa of Magnetism, heading into the Coliseum. If he could defeat Tuyet, amybe they could end the Empire before the universe collapsed.

But wait... In the state the universe was in now, their would e no chance for any sturggles of survival if anarchy broke out. At a time like this, was something like the Toa Empire the right thing? Could Lesovikk have been wrong?

He thought of his old Toa team. Would they have joined the Empire? He had never thought about it before. He had always held himself at fault for their deaths- was hed destroying what they might have believed in?

Standing in the ruined Coliseum, he saw Darkness's corpse. So many were dieing out there. Was it possible that Iruini had killed Krakua? Could krakua have killed Iruini? Was Pohatu dead? Had the Toa of Stone killed Onua?

What was he fighting for?

Characters(All Alternate)[]

  • Lesovikk
  • Tuyet(Mentioned)(Deceased)
  • Iruini
  • Norik
  • Turaga Dume(Deceased)
  • Onua
  • Pohatu
  • Darkness(Deceased)
  • An unnamed Toa of Magnetism
  • Several Makuta, Toa, Matoran, Turaga, Dark hunters, and Skakdi fighting