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The Dark Lights
Species Affliation Mixed
Allies Hybrids, Mata Nui's troopers
Enemies Makuta Teridax's followers, Faktum.
Leader Ultimate Makhterd
Homeland Mata Nui(after), Bara Magna(now)
Goal Delete all Makuta Teridax's followers, kill Faktum and Terida


The company of Dark Lights was created by Makhterd to counteract the Brotherhood of Makuta, to kill Makuta Faktum and Teridax and bring back all the Matoran to light. Makhterd continues to create clones, robots, sentries and powerful weapons, but in the Brotherhood of Makuta's army there are soldiers well armed and well trained. Makhterd knows that the situation is difficult, but he also knows that should not tireless for the good of all the Matoran Universe. The clash between the two armies appears to equate, but the final confrontation between Mata Nui and Makuta Teridax, and between Makhterd and Faktum, will decide the outcome of the Great War ....


  • Makhterd (Foundator, leader, engineer)
  • Mata Nui (Leader)
  • Skorpi (Deputy leader, engineer)
  • Titanium
  • Sentry #1
  • Sentry #2
  • Sentry #3
  • Sentry #4
  • Clone #1 (Deceased)
  • Clone #2 (Deceased)
  • Clone #3
  • Clone #4
  • Robot #1
  • Robot #2 (Deceased)
  • Robot #3 (Deeceased)
  • Robot #4
  • Cyborg Mark 1
  • Cyborg Mark 2 (Deceased)
  • Cyborg Mark 3 (Deceased)
  • Some Sentry
  • Some Clone(Almost deceased)
  • Some Robots
  • Some Cyborgs
  • Some Turrets
  • Some Rahi
  • Enhanced Gukko