Dark-fire,or more commenly known as Hell-fire is one of the rarest Elements in the BIONICLE Universe. In fact, it was so rare that many say it didn't exist. It was a warped version of Fire that had Shadow-based abilities. According to the legends, to have this element, you must be a Toa of Fire that was blasted with a bolt of shadow. Much like how the Toa Inika were hit by lighting from the Red Star and had lighting fused to there Elements. You could also be born with this element as well.


Limited teleportation(The user has to see where he/she is going)

Absobing Dark-fire

Creating concentrated beams of Dark-fire

Setting any beings covered completely by darkness ablaze

Creating Dark-fire illutions(ex: Creating the illusion of a giant Dark-fire dragon)

Uleashing a Dark-fire Nova Blast(Toa exclusive)

Affiliated colors

All beings of Dark-fire were red and black(with the occational silver armor to show there elite statis) However, Darkfire tends to resemble normal flames.



Xeranus's army of Dark-fire soilders



All beings of Dark-fire could be Male or Female.