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Darix is the leader of Mutans and the main antagonist for Gunsmith. He is an ex-Toa, and now a Mutan.



It is currently unclear of his past, other than Tahukama mentioning that he and Darix were at one point best friends.


It is unclear of his work as a Toa, though Tahukama said that Darix was co-leader of the team, being interested in Rahi and often used his mask power to aid his team in battle. Sometime before the team was disbanded, something changed in him, and it was unclear what caused him, but he said these words, "If we are but here to serve and build, why not turn this universe into our image?". His fellow members rejected his ideas and him as a member of their small Team of Toa. Darix became furious and attacked his other members head on, slaying most of them, but Tahukama got the upperhand and nearly killed his friend, but remembered the code, and left the corrupt Toa to die on his own.


Somehow, he managed to survive his wounds that would have ended his life and went off to the southern continents. There he repaired himself and learned about alchemy and mutation, which lead to him mutating himself, and became the first Mutan, and started to create more experiments and soon created the army of Mutans from mutated Toa, Matoran and Turaga.

Abilities, Tools, & Traits[]

As an alchemist, he is quite intelligent, being able to fuse a sentient being and a rahi to create a monstrous freak of nature, and prefers to use his mind to crush foes. As the first Mutan, he made himself stronger than all of his experiments, being able to his right arm (aka arm of mutation) to shift into any form, making it so he doesnt need a weapon and can use it to make more mutans.

Darix as a Toa was loyal, intelligent and prideful in himself, being best friends with Tahukama. However, when he betrayed his team, he became corrupt and malicious. He is very quick to anger, and the way he punishes his minions who don't succeed in missions...I'd rather not say. He is very intelligent, and is one of very few who thought he could over throw Mata Nui.


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