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Nominations are OPEN.

Here you can vote on aspects of the wiki you think are worthy of being featured on the Main Page. An archive of previously featured content is available here.

NOTICE: Rules for the voting center have been changed. The rules for nominating and voting go as follows:

  • Instead of a deadline, each category will close when a certain number of nominations are made. Three entries for the Article, Image, Creation, and Quote categories, and two for Story.
  • Once the sufficient number of nominations has been reached in the individual categories, voting will begin. Voting will close in all categories once five votes have been cast in each.
  • As per a previous decision, the Featured User category has been removed.

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  1. --Invader39

Featured Creation

  1. One of the Sleeman bois - It's notoriously good.

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"Glory shines upon those who spread their wings and conquer the skies."
―An old motto from Mafa's previous guild.
  1. -- Ahpolki Inika


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