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Welcome to the Custom BIONICLE Wiki Voting Center. This is a place where you can vote for different content to be featured on the Main Page each month. This page is for the rules, go to the talk page to begin casting your votes!

The featured article, image, quote, user and trivia are updated once in a month (some time around the first) after a "cool-down" period lasting at least a week. As the month begins, there is a week of nominations followed by two weeks of voting. The end of the voting period is followed by the cool-down period where the staff writes the spotlights and users can appreciate standing spotlights before they are taken down. When the leading nominee, with the most votes, is put on the main page, all the nominees and votes are erased (per section). The cycle then starts all over again, and you can nominate or vote for the next article during their designated periods through the month.


  • Be civilized. No rude or impolite comments.
  • Sign your username with four ~s like on a talk page.
  • You are not allowed to nominate during the cool-down, and you are only allowed to vote during the voting period.
  • You may only vote for one nominee in each section. Voters are allowed to vote for whichever nominee they please at any point in time.
  • You cannot nominate or vote for an article, image, quote or a trivia that has been featured on the main page before (see the archives to see the old winners).
  • Nominate or vote only for content that you think would deserve being featured, including your own; however, following this discussion, all Featured Quotes should be from released content. Additionally, complete stories and articles are highly advised for their respective categories, and Featured Creation and Featured Image nominees must be content uploaded to the wiki.
  • You can only vote with one account. Using multiple accounts to cast votes in the same vote is punishable by a week-long ban.
  • You can only nominate or vote if you have consistently edited constructively on the wiki for at least a month, and if that period of consistent participation occurred in the past two months.


  • Instead of a deadline, each category will close when a certain number of nominations are made. Three entries for the Article, Image, Creation, and Quote categories, and two for Story.
  • Once the sufficient number of nominations has been reached in the individual categories, voting will begin. Voting will close in all categories once five votes have been cast in each. Those with the highest votes will obviously win each category.