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Congratulations! You've arrived at the Custom BIONICLE Community Portal! From here, you can navigate throughout the site. If you're a beginner, this is the perfect place to start; for editors, this is the area where you can look for things that may need improvement around the wiki. Remember, this site is never finished, and there's always room for improvement.

Getting started

  • If you're new to Wikia, then it is recommended that you learn the basic aspects of the site first through the site's guided tutorial.
  • Once you've gotten used to what Wikia is like, you can try orienting yourself to some of the basic aspects of CBW through the policy.
  • Still have questions? See the Bohrok Nest, where helpful users are ready to answer any you might have. If your questions regard a specific article, use the designated talk page of that article instead.

Learning to edit

  • Before you edit here, you need to learn how. It's recommended that you see the associated help page for this first.
  • From there, the MoS and LG are good reference sources for getting yourself acquainted to article structure.
  • Remember that the entire policy section is helpful for getting started, so check it out!

Ready to begin?

  • After you've gotten the basics down, it's time to start editing. If you want to post your own BIONICLE saga and characters, go to Special:CreatePage to make your first article. Make sure that it follows the manual of style!
  • If you want to post pics of your MOCs (My Own Creation), go to Special:Upload to get your personal files.
  • Remember to categorize your pages!

Useful links

  • In the case that you want to help other people's articles, you can begin anywhere! (Remember, though, you can't add your own info without permission, only help revise existing content.) category index to help find what you're looking for, or just pick a random page! An alphabetized list of articles can also be found at Special:AllPages.
  • To follow the changes to this wiki, and to look out for new events and problem edits, use the wiki activity, or recent changes for a more advanced version.
  • Here's a list of new pages that may need improving.
  • Many pages need categories! Do your part in the community by categorizing these pages! Also, don't forget about the uncategorized templates and categories.

Joining the community