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Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Mr. Chalk,” I hear you say (yeah, that’s right, I can hear you), “what does it take to win the MoC portion of the Dark Hunter MOC Contest?” Well, I say to you, it takes our pal Cap with his creation Twelvehound Cerben!

Now, if there’s one color scheme that the edgy child in all of us loves, it’s black and silver. Luckily Cap knows what he’s doing, as he’s added a tertiary of translucent dark green, and it really makes Cerben pop.

Of course, the build itself does wonders. Frankly, Cerben’s cousin (humor me) Brutaka wishes he looked this good. A beefed up torso (is it Brutaka’s? Is it original? You don’t know!) complemented by custom thighs, with wonderfully-integrated Inika feet, and by nice BIG shins. Cerben is one tough customer that I wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley. But if I did, I’d tell him how cool he looks. Because, let’s be honest with ourselves here: he looks hecka sick. Truly a worthy winner of the MoC portion of the Dark Hunter Contest! Go give Cap a pat on the back. I gotta go sit before I have another stroke.

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