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Lariska (Canto)

Entering into the spotlight after winning the Dark Hunter MOC contest, Lariska’s Canto Universe counterpart is all the rage at the moment.

True enough, the article lives up to its decisive victory in the Best Article category, taking great lengths to provide historical accounts to fill in the gaps in the character’s history, philosophizing as to Lariska’s island and species of origin, providing a number of likely scenarios for the conditions that molded her into the elite huntress she came to be, with input from credible sources, such as the Order of Mata Nui and The Recorder.

Delving deeper into the creative testing ground of Dark Hunter activities, ChineseLegolas goes on to detail her activities during the Federation of Fear story serial, as well as her activities as The Shadowed One’s preferred lieutenant on Spherus Magna, where she recruited a number of new Dark Hunters, such as Hush, Fianchetto, and Nomad.

But what truly distinguishes the article in the eyes of this writer is the sheer attention afforded to her characterization, which is evident in the Abilities and Traits section. ChineseLegolas has taken great lengths to outline Lariska’s existing traits while delicately reinforcing them with his own innovations, making note of Lariska’s loyalty to the Dark Hunter cause, uncompromising logic, and complete lack of remorse.

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