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The Custom BIONICLE Wiki, or CBW for short, is the single largest BIONICLE wiki in existence. Here, you and other fans of LEGO's BIONICLE line can make up your own MOC (My Own Creation) and display it in its own encyclopedia article! Anyone can put their custom BIONICLE creations and stories on this wiki, as long as it's not inappropriate or copyrighted.
If you're new here, we encourage you to make a free account. If you already have a username, go ahead and make an article with the box below, or edit an already-existing one. Above all else, have fun!

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Featured Article

Lariska (Canto)

Entering into the spotlight after winning the Dark Hunter MOC contest, Lariska’s Canto Universe counterpart is all the rage at the moment.

True enough, the article lives up to its decisive victory in the Best Article category, taking great lengths to provide historical accounts to fill in the gaps in the character’s history, philosophizing as to Lariska’s island and species of origin, providing a number of likely scenarios for the conditions that molded her into the elite huntress she came to be, with input from credible sources, such as the Order of Mata Nui and The Recorder.

Delving deeper into the creative testing ground of Dark Hunter activities, ChineseLegolas goes on to detail her activities during the Federation of Fear story serial, as well as her activities as The Shadowed One’s preferred lieutenant on Spherus Magna, where she recruited a number of new Dark Hunters, such as Hush, Fianchetto, and Nomad.

But what truly distinguishes the article in the eyes of this writer is the sheer attention afforded to her characterization, which is evident in the Abilities and Traits section. ChineseLegolas has taken great lengths to outline Lariska’s existing traits while delicately reinforcing them with his own innovations, making note of Lariska’s loyalty to the Dark Hunter cause, uncompromising logic, and complete lack of remorse.

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Featured Image

Time Trap.png

BC’s back at it again with another show-stopping masterpiece of digital art.

A snippet of the climax from BIONICLE Adventures 10: Time Trap, this scene depicts Toa Metru Vakama, Makuta Teridax, The Shadowed One, Voporak, and Sentrakh all contesting for possession of the Kanohi Vahi, Legendary Mask of Time, an army of Rahkshi footsoldiers and an ashen Metru Nui skyline lingering in the background. While all five assembled characters each stake a claim to the Kanohi, it is a mad scramble and true test of will to claim the Mask of Time. No matter how dignified the combatant or legendary the warrior, they push and shove in a mad scramble for power.

Meanwhile, the lower half of the image is comparatively empty and notably upside-down, suggestive of the imagined timeline Vakama foresees in the book. Toa Krakua is the subject of this domain, wrapped in a traveler’s cloak and carrying his Sonic Vibration Sword as though it were a staff.

Bold, striking, and easily applicable to the confines of canon, BC has once again delivered a scene of staggering artistic beauty backed by finesse and enriched by his electronic pencil strokes.

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Featured Creation


Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Mr. Chalk,” I hear you say (yeah, that’s right, I can hear you), “what does it take to win the MoC portion of the Dark Hunter MOC Contest?” Well, I say to you, it takes our pal Cap with his creation Twelvehound Cerben!

Now, if there’s one color scheme that the edgy child in all of us loves, it’s black and silver. Luckily Cap knows what he’s doing, as he’s added a tertiary of translucent dark green, and it really makes Cerben pop.

Of course, the build itself does wonders. Frankly, Cerben’s cousin (humor me) Brutaka wishes he looked this good. A beefed up torso (is it Brutaka’s? Is it original? You don’t know!) complemented by custom thighs, with wonderfully-integrated Inika feet, and by nice BIG shins. Cerben is one tough customer that I wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley. But if I did, I’d tell him how cool he looks. Because, let’s be honest with ourselves here: he looks hecka sick. Truly a worthy winner of the MoC portion of the Dark Hunter Contest! Go give Cap a pat on the back. I gotta go sit before I have another stroke.

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Featured Story

Light in the Dark

At long last, after six long years, a journey is at an end. Invader joined the wiki in November 2013 and only a few months afterward, in February 2014, he began work on the story Pushing Back the Dark. The story, at its conception, was intended as a rewrite of the 2006-7 story arcs, the first of a trilogy of stories retelling the Bionicle G1 storyline. By December of 2014, a few months after the announcement that Bionicle would be making a return, Invader switched gears, rebranding the trilogy as a retelling of the G2 storyline. Each entry of the trilogy would cover each story year. The first entry would be followed up with Lost in the Dark and Light in the Dark.

Invader began his release of Pushing Back the Dark, or the recount of the 2015 storyline in September 2015 to July 2016. Drawing its basis from the Online Animations, the tale was an epic retelling of the storyline, building upon what we had seen through them and elevating them in what was described in its spotlight as being “truly a testament of the unexplored potential of G2 and boundless dedication of its fans.” Invader followed this story with Lost in the Dark, a retelling of the 2016 storyline, publishing from November to December of 2017. Now taking his cues from the Journey to One animated series, Invader similarly reimagined everything we had seen before, and taking a few episodes of a truncated series and bringing them to new levels. It was praised in its spotlight for “expanding upon events seen in the television show whilst simultaneously enriching the wider Okotan backdrop with Invader’s own additions.”

Now, in the grand finale, Invader spins the storyline in an altogether original direction. Having left Lost in the Dark as the open-ended cliffhanger it should have been, Invader imagines the G2 storyline as it was meant to be come 2017--before the abrupt, unanticipated cancellation of the series (which ironically happened as Pushing Back the Dark was finishing its release). Basing much of his contents and inspiration on the Art of Lego Bionicle artbook released soon after, Invader knits these loose threads together in a story that is wondrously evocative of G2, encapsulating and expanding upon the themes that the original story had established. Light in the Dark sports some remarkably strong moments as well as boasting a remarkable creation myth. As Invader closes the pages on Okoto’s epic, there are more than a few surprises in store, and he delivers on the loose threads he has established in his prior entries.

The sheer commitment that it took to get through this, much less after six long years, is incredible, and it stands as one of Invader’s most remarkable achievements during his tenure here. Few have taken such deep-dives into the G2 lore (there unfortunately isn’t much there, and the fact Invader could extract so much from it is a testament to his skill), and while there is a handful of notable forays into the realm of G2 (my own was completely inspired by Invader’s work in the world). However, Invader has cut an undisputed title for himself as the foremost author in the field.

On a personal note, Invader’s been publishing content for this trilogy as long as I’ve been a member of this wiki. Crazy to see that he’s finished.

I could go on (part of me wants to see how long I could make this--seems appropriate since this took fifth place on the Long Pages knocking mine down a peg :/) but suffice to say, this story--this trilogy--is well worthy of this spotlight and thoroughly deserves its place in the annals of CBW’s featured stories.

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Featured User

BC Llubo.png

If I had a nickel for every time that BobTheDoctor27 appeared on the main page, I’d only have a few nickels, but it’s weird that it’s happened more than once, right? Just kidding. If there’s anyone I’d want to appear multiple times on the main page, it would be Bob.

Having been on this site since the far-off year of 2009 (wow Bob is old), and going by the username of Matoro1, he has made himself a prominent staple of our community and the BIONICLE fandom itself. His characters and stories have inspired many in their endeavors to write their own storylines (myself included).

Bob is also an important figure in the life of the wiki. In 2014, he joined the wiki staff as a Rollback, and then, only a few weeks later, was promoted to Administrator by an overwhelming majority. He remained in this position for two years before he was promoted once again in 2016, this time to the rank of Bureaucrat, essentially making him the site leader.

Outside of his work for the wiki, which consists of managing social media accounts and maintaining the site, Bob is also one of the wiki’s most prolific writers. Having written a number of stories, both on his own and in collaboration with others, he is a foremost content creator. He has also created a number of memorable characters, such as Tollubo, Glonor, Tourik, Carnac, Nelvik, and of course, The Mighty Thode.

But of course, BobTheDoctor27 is more than just his stories and characters. He is a kind individual who is always looking out for others, and is a true wonder to be around. He’s an inspiration to everyone to whom he speaks, and is someone I am privileged to work alongside and be able to call a friend.

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Kivoda: "What are you doing here?"
Skull Contractor: "Building. The preceding being to enter a contract with me has expired. I build for the sake of building."
Kivoda and the Skull Contractor, Adhesion Contract

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