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The Custom BIONICLE Wiki, or CBW for short, is the single largest BIONICLE wiki in existence. Here, you and other fans of LEGO's BIONICLE line can make up your own MOC (My Own Creation) and display it in its own encyclopedia article! Anyone can put their custom BIONICLE creations and stories on this wiki, as long as it's not inappropriate or copyrighted.
If you're new here, we encourage you to make a free account. If you already have a username, go ahead and make an article with the box below, or edit an already-existing one. Above all else, have fun!

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Featured Article

Ninian (Fractures Alternate Universe)

BTD27 Ninian 03 Profile

“Hopefully the final Fractures article ever to be featured.”

The words of a creator as he contemplates his own creation, and passes judgment on its existence.

Ninian is one of the older characters on the wiki, dating back to 2011. Back then, she was the female protagonist of BobTheDoctor27’s Frozen Calling, and the effective love interest for Glonor. She was just an ordinary cop, and later Chief of Police, in the Elysium Police Department.

Since then, she has become quite the fan favorite. So favored, in fact, that she earned a spot in the comic epic Zero Hour, where she continued to be one of the best characters in any scene.

So. What makes her so popular? Well, the cynical side of me just wants to say that she’s popular just because of that. She’s a she, and on a wiki full of hormonal teenage boys, female characters tend to draw a crowd.

But I don’t think that this is true. I feel the popularity of Ninian is deeper than just her gender. She is a very fleshed out character, despite her limited story appearances. She is tough, compassionate, brave, and a natural leader. She is always the brightest light in any room, and for good reason. She strives to do the best she can, and to protect those she cares about.

And with that, this spotlight marks the end of an era. For nearly the last decade, we have featured various articles from the Fractures Universe, all well written and constructed. It will be unfortunate to see them go, but everything has its time. Everything ends.

Come, my friends. Let us make new legends, for that is the way of the BIONICLE.

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Featured Image

Bioniclegenerations 6 6 2019 8 44 9 306

There have been many canon expansion projects in the years since Bionicle left. Some succeed at gaining traction. Some barely see the light of day. And some stand head and shoulders above the rest. BIONCILE Generations has most certainly proven to be among the third category.

BIONICLE Generations addresses many facets of canon expansion, but perhaps the one with the most unchecked freedom is their parallel universe project, where they create clever concepts of spin-off alternate universes and expand upon them. One of them, the Tundra Universe, draws its point of divergence during Mata Nui’s travels through space. Much as in the Core Universe, an unexpected attack forces the Great Spirit Robot to crash into a planet. But unlike the prime reality, the attack comes from outside, not inside, as a fleet of space raiders unleash a devastating blow on the universe. Mata Nui falls into a planetary gravitational field and falls to earth, but the world his inhabitants soon find themselves in is not Aqua Magna.

The Toa is Kryilou. Much like the other denizens of the Burunai Colony, Kryilou struggles to forge a life in the harsh and treacherous world of Polus Magna. As the picture depicts, when he is not on sentinel duty, one can often find this rookie Toa exploring the strange, alien world discovering and uncovering its many wonders. However, much awaits within the recesses of the vast tundra, and it is only a matter of time before Kryilou stumbles upon more than he bargained for.

All in all, the image is a well composed piece of art, and one representative of CBW’s theme of telling alternate Bionicles. Be sure to check Ihu’s other work out, as well as keeping an eye on the BIONICLE Generations project--after all, I can personally assure you it will be well worth the wait.

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Featured Creation


ChineseLegolas is at it again, this time with his take on a member of Tobduk’s species. Although individual takes on the species has varied widely, even within our own wiki, CL’s is quite a fascinating one, touching on and expanding upon the culture of the species as a whole even within this article on the singular individual, Nomad. Unlike Tobduk, Nomad has full emotional capacities, being able to wield and draw strength from all types of emotional powers.

Following the invasion of the Visorak, Nomad became a wanderer, as per his name, and travelled from place to place, putting his emotional prowess to, ahem, good use, if one can count double crossing Steltians and Xians a good use. In time, he made his way onto the reformed Spherus Magna where he was recruited by The Shadowed One, eager to rebuild his Dark Hunter forces. We don’t know too much more than that, as CL has not seen fit to reveal that as of yet <glare>

Anyway, it’s a great page, and, as always, CL has some solid worldbuilding action going here. Be sure to pay it a look, and I look forward to seeing how he makes use of this character down the line.

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Featured Story

Better Days

An early work from Pitcat, Better Days is a saucy, romantic romp starting in the arid wastes of Po-Koro and culminating in the lush ponds and fields of Ga-Wahi. This entire story is absolutely, positively non-canon as non-canon can be. Heretical, as a certain grimdark fan would put it. Love?! In my Mata Nui-fearing wikia fandom?!

The story itself shows signs of an emerging, talented writer, despite making ol’ Greg wince as his beautiful worldbuilding is torn to shreds. It is not without its grammatical and pacing mistakes, but it is an earnest attempt. Pitcat has captured the two canon characters, Hewkii and Macku, very well. His own fanon characters serve to move the plot along, supporting the main cast while still being believable. There is some florid wording speckled here and there amongst the love-filled passages, helping to bring forth a stunning depiction of Hewkii’s very active love life.

Then the Po-Matoran wakes up. As he stares out the window (during which, of course, it was raining), Hewkii realizes was all a dream.

So, basically, Inception, the CBW non-canon version.

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Featured User

2014 Tollubo Overhaul Suletu

So this is what happens when we run out of ideas, eh?

Invader made the grave mistake of letting me write the spotlight for our good friend BobTheDoctor27, and so he gave me the almighty power to say whatever I want about this guy. The possibilities are endless!

But, I’m not going to shame him for his recent work, including his frenzy of edits surrounding multiple articles, both canon and of his own creation. He’s certainly been very busy ‘round these parts, and I don’t think he’s gonna stop. What that means for the rest of us, I dunno. He’s also been on point with his building skills these days, turning tiny pieces of Danish plastic into a recognizable style that marks the work of The Doc... 27.

What I AM going to shame him for is the fact that he still hasn’t finished Zero Hour (or Endgame, for that matter), and it’s gotten to the point where it’s become such a joke amongst the community to rag on him about that. (It’s been literal years, Bob. C’mon.)

All that aside, Bob is always a worthy candidate for the Featured User, what for all he does for this place. Give him cookies, per the norm, and give him a congrats when you see him lurking about.

Now finish Zero Hour, you nerd.

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