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The Custom BIONICLE Wiki, or CBW for short, is the single largest BIONICLE wiki in existence. Here, you and other fans of LEGO's BIONICLE line can make up your own MOC (My Own Creation) and display it in its own encyclopedia article! Anyone can put their custom BIONICLE creations and stories on this wiki, as long as it's not inappropriate or copyrighted.
If you're new here, we encourage you to make a free account. If you already have a username, go ahead and make an article with the box below, or edit an already-existing one. Above all else, have fun!

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Featured Article


It’s been almost a year since we last featured a canon article, and I couldn’t be more pleased that our next one is Icarax, the former Makuta of Karzahni.

Icarax is one of many canon articles that have been revamped and refurbished in the last few years by members of the community, notably BobTheDoctor27 and ToaGonel. Their goal was to bring the wiki’s low-quality canon articles up to date, both to the wiki’s standards and with accurate information.

They also strove to seamlessly fuse canon and fanon elements together, supplementing gaps in the story with popular headcanons and events. These additions enriched Icarax’s story, giving his page a satisfying and compelling read.

Having always been a fan-favorite, Icarax is certainly deserving of such treatment, and is more than worthy of being featured here. BobTheDoctor27 worked tirelessly on restoring this page, and his hard work has more than paid off. I highly recommend giving this Makuta’s new-and-improved page a read.

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Featured Image


We have one of CaptainLandr0ver’s scenic shots featured this month and it's a good one.

Sporting the trio of Toa known as Corduk, Salvina, and Wreshi, the image depicts a scene where they have found the site of the fateful duel between two Toa, now vanished without a trace. What looks like a plain black flag at first glance is actually a tattered cape, once worn by the Emperor Keelo himself.

It is not known what the trio of Toa are thinking as they pass through this particular location. But I think this was a well-taken shot, simple in execution, but still tells an important snippet of Cap’s saga.

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Featured Creation


Vortixx, ever since Roodaka was released in 2005, have been a prominent feature of the BIONICLE community. You really can’t seem to throw a stone and not hit one of them.

Tiamat is another creation of ChineseLegolas. She is very high-ranking in the Xian Vortixx. Currently, she is the leader of the Neo-Vortixx on Spherus Magna.

Onto the MOC itself, it is immediately clear that Tiamat is a creation of CL. She bears the same style as his other MOCs, as well as the impressive technique that goes into her build. There are several unique ideas that go into this MOC that I wouldn’t have ever thought of. It’s really quite ingenious.

The color palette that CL employs is another great part of this creation. The white and brown compliment each other phenomenally, with the brown being used as an accent color. I think that it works really well in creating an eye-catching figure.

Tiamat is a really great MOC, and certainly a deserving winner of this month’s Featured Creation.

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Featured Story

Old Friends

It would seem that every our good friend BionicleChicken is back at it again with his latest comic story, Old Friends

Set in the second Generation continuum, presumably after the close of The Journey to One and the departure of the Toa, this short story follows Ekimu as he grows nostalgic of the days when he and his brother Makuta worked together as Mask Makers, and the days when they were brothers, not enemies. He also reminisces about the Sea Queen and when Umarak was an ally.

With all of these emotions overwhelming him, he travels to the Temple of Time, where he is confronted by the specter of his brother. Then, stepping into the center of the temple, he jumped into a rift in space and time, hoping to travel back to a point where he views everything as having gone wrong and changing it for the better.

Old Friends is an incredibly creative and unique story, with BC employing ingenious ideas and plot threads. It is also a gorgeous comic story. The art style and color choices are astounding and truly sets it apart from other content on the wiki.

All in all, I highly recommend that you give Old Friends a read, and I promise that you won’t be disappointed when you do.

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Featured User

BC Llubo

If I had a nickel for every time that BobTheDoctor27 appeared on the main page, I’d only have a few nickels, but it’s weird that it’s happened more than once, right? Just kidding. If there’s anyone I’d want to appear multiple times on the main page, it would be Bob.

Having been on this site since the far-off year of 2009 (wow Bob is old), and going by the username of Matoro1, he has made himself a prominent staple of our community and the BIONICLE fandom itself. His characters and stories have inspired many in their endeavors to write their own storylines (myself included).

Bob is also an important figure in the life of the wiki. In 2014, he joined the wiki staff as a Rollback, and then, only a few weeks later, was promoted to Administrator by an overwhelming majority. He remained in this position for two years before he was promoted once again in 2016, this time to the rank of Bureaucrat, essentially making him the site leader.

Outside of his work for the wiki, which consists of managing social media accounts and maintaining the site, Bob is also one of the wiki’s most prolific writers. Having written a number of stories, both on his own and in collaboration with others, he is a foremost content creator. He has also created a number of memorable characters, such as Tollubo, Glonor, Tourik, Carnac, Nelvik, and of course, The Mighty Thode.

But of course, BobTheDoctor27 is more than just his stories and characters. He is a kind individual who is always looking out for others, and is a true wonder to be around. He’s an inspiration to everyone to whom he speaks, and is someone I am privileged to work alongside and be able to call a friend.

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Manual of Style

Before making articles, we recommend that all new users read through our Manual of Style, the quintessential guidelines to article layouts on this wiki. The Manual explains the manner in which all articles should be made and how they should be structured. The wiki staff uphold the Manual of Style as the necessary format of all articles, so we advise that in order to prevent your articles from entering our improvement categories, you have a quick read through of the Manual.

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Featured Quote

"If Vakama were here he would no doubt note the sad irony of your predicament. But, alas, he is not. I suppose responsibility therefore falls upon my weary shoulders. While Nuju and Whenua spend their days either rooted in ancient soil or aspiring for a place among the stars, you will find that the citizens of Po-Koro celebrate the much more immediate principle of Strategy. It serves our athletes well in the Kolhii arena and has molded keen traders out of the huddled Po-Matoran masses. Above all else it is Strategy that you three must embrace if you hope to defeat the Bohrok Kal."
Turaga Onewa counseling the Toa Nuva, Relevance.

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