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October 31, 2013 - May 9, 2014

custom.bionicle (stylized custom.bionicle_) is a series of narrations of stories directly from the Custom BIONICLE Wiki. New videos premiere every few months depending on when writing contests held on the wiki end.


Each story that's read are winners from the writing contests held on the Custom BIONICLE Wiki. With the exception of Besieged, usually an excerpt from the beginning of each story is read out and users are then redirected to the wiki itself to read the rest of each story. Each narration is paired with an image made specifically for the story at hand. These are usually within four to five minutes in length, with the exception of Besieged, which was over an hour in length.

Respective winners and the contests they won listed below.


Episode List
# Episode Title Running Time Description
1. Besieged 1:02:35 Narration of the 2013 Halloween Writing Contest winner, Besieged by BobTheDoctor27.
2. Cold Blood 4:25 Narration of the 2013 Winter Writing Contest winner, Cold Blood by Matoro58.
3. To Ascend 3:03 Narration of the 2014 Spring Writing Contest winner, To Ascend by Rando07.
4. Not That You Could Tell TBD Narration of the 2014 Summer Writing Contest winner, Not That You Could Tell by BionicleChicken.

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