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Crystal Island is not an official name.

It may have been referenced in the storyline as such, but has not been officially named. Alternatively, it may be a name popular among fans or the majority of editors on Custom Bionicle Wiki, but without an official basis.

The Shadowed One
Crystal Island
What it looked like before its renovation.
South of Altronia (Formerly) Unknown Dimension
7.5 sq. mi.
Intact, Recently Terraformed

Crystal Island is a tropical island pivotal to the Altronia Continuity.


Crystal Island was created by the Great Beings at the dawn of the universe. Unlike many lands, it was not given a sapient species to rule over it, simply being made into a jungle paradise.

Makuta Burtok was placed in charge of the island by Makuta Miserix, and the Makuta happily used the siland as his home base, building a fortress there where he and his apprentice, Rayzok, could live and work in peace.

The island was largely uninhabited by sapient beings until recently, when the first roster of the Avenging Alliance arrived and made it their base of operations.

The island was the host to many battles between the Alliance and the two Makuta rulers of the land for about a year, before the Alliance won and moved to Altronia.

Shortly after the island was made devoid of Makuta, Rularx decided to move into Burtok's old fortess and renovate it to suit his whims. The Order of Altronia staged an attack on the fortress, which ended with Rularx attempting to use a massive Time Dilation Accelerator to warp the island to another place, much like Destral could. Zallirix sabotaged the Accelerator, however, and caused the island to make an unfinished warp, trapping the landmass in an unknown dimension. Despite the strain of being torn from the world and into another universe, however, the island was mostly still intact.



Crystal Island is a round Island, but a Makuta-generated storm caused severe havoc and made a ring-shaped lake around the center of the island, which is dominated by a mountain and a volcano.

The outer ring of the island is mostly tropical forest and grassy plains, and the coast is covered in golden sand and Lightning Crystals.


Crystal Island is known for being a tropical island, being warm year round, with semi-frequent rain showers.


Crystal Island is home to many tropical plants, as well as several varieties of Rahi, which include Crystal Raptors.



  • Sidd has not decided whether or not the island should have a real name at all.