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Crustainax armor
Cruatainax buddies lol -P

Ganon and Imydrex utilising the armor.

User(s) Ganon, Imydrex, Katron
Functionality Body enhancement
Status Functional

The Crustainax armor was a body enhancement serum made of liquid Bisyntheium alloy, created by the Crustainax. The only beings that are actually using it are the Toa, Imydrex and Ganon. Katron uses a variation created by Corruptax.


When the Crustainax were forcefully taken to Jadax Magna by The Master, they created it it enhance their bodies to better help them survive on the planet. Unfortunately were unable to use it as they ran out of resources to create enough of it for their tribe.

When they came upon the two toa, the injected them with the serum to improve their bodies for survival. It laced their skeletons and replaced many basic compounds in their body with the alloy, strengthening their being. Several extensions of the alloy were visible from their shoulders and other extension over their body. The serum, designed for the large build of the Crustainax, however, put a strain on the mind and body of the relatively small build of the Toa. The heightened stress added, with the stresses of completely being stolen from their planet, brought out anger between Ganon and Imydrex. The two began arguing and arguing turned to fighting. Anger within Ganon caused extension of the alloy to tear out of his wrists in the form of deadly claws. He was able to retract these at will.

Ganon's Crustainax armor has now been fused with the mechanical abilities of a drone giving it cyborg qualities.

Corruptax created his own version of the bysnethium alloy serum for Katron, which was much more dilute than the other version, so does not affect him mentally and does not have any extensions on his armor. It was known that some metallic plates were located on his abdomen were present, probably to cover up the area he was operated on. The alloy acts as a superconductor to channel the power of his Jaxok and to amplify it. Katron, like Ganon, can eject blades from his wrist. However unlike Ganon's three, Katron can only eject one from each.


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