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Crustainax Xakhol, a male warrior Crustainax
Power(s) None
Location(s) Aqualia, (Formerly)Jadax Magna
Status Criticaly endangered
Pronunciation KRUST-ANE-ACKS

The Crustainax are a sapient amphibious species of the crustan family present on Jadax Magna; captured by The Master.


The Crustainax originate from the planet Aqualia. They lived their lives learning about other races in an attempt to live peacefully. They turned to the stars with telescopes to satisfy their curiosity about the galaxy. One day, they saw something approaching them from the sky. It was a huge space vessel. They were terrified and tried to destroy it because it began blasting their planet with lasers. In defense, they fired their rocket only to weaken part of the invading ship. The few remaining Crustainax (30 total) were put into stasis and transported to Jadax Magna. Now only 6 remain.

Known Crustainax[]

Some features[]

Picture class Description
Crustainax armour Shell The Crustainax species has the thickest and strongest natural shell in the universe. It is made of densely packed flesh tissue and is even stronger than the matoran universe's protosteel. The only thing powerfull enough to cut it is Magneon's lasers.
Crustainax brains Brain A crustainax's brains is about the same size of a toa's but is much more intelligent. It is stored under the coloured roof of a Crustainax's shell. Its shell cannot be opened at will to reveal its brain but it is a weak spot of the creature.
Crustainax gills Gills Crustainax, being the amphibious creatures they are, need gills for them to survive under water. They do also have lungs but they are not externally visible.
Crustainax limb Extra Appendages The extra appendages cannot be used as hands or as arms. They are rather a mean of defense. The Large clawed parts are stingers which inject toxic venom from the circular gland in the middle.

Class breed[]

Within the Crustainax species there are many classes. They are here below

Picture Coloured upper shell Description
Kinex Red Alpha Male
Corruptax Yellow Beta-male
Yexol Trans-Blue Female warrior class
Crustainax brown Male warrior class
Noimage green Service class
Noimage Solid blue Female breeding class
Noimage trans-black Slave class


  • The name is derived from crustacean
  • The crustainax model was used as my Certavus entry for the BSO1 contest, since I couldn't be bothered to create an icy looking MoC at the time. It obviously didn't win