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Location : Cahlra Nui
Allies : Makuta
Enemies : Matoran; Order of Mata Nui
Color(s) : those related to their various elements
Goal(s) : destroy the Av-Matoran and Fe-Matoran of Cahlra Nui and those who support them
Leader(s) : Makuta
Tool(s) : Barbed tail ends
Status : Active
Pronunciation : croo-MAHK-ee
Crumaki Taamaki

A Tuumaki.

Crumaki War I[]

The Crumaki were sent to Cahlra Nui by Teridax via Arix to capture the Av-Matoran Iymouvu, Daruka, and Nikkau, as well as the Fe-Matoran Tamari and Feyeh, because Toa of Iron are dangerous to Makuta armor.

The Crumaki were defeated by the Matoran.

Crumaki War II[]

Makuta Cortrivu refined the Crumaki species, creating the Crumaki-Ivu and Crumaki-Kal, which have enhanced elemental powers.

The Toa Avohkii had left in search of the Crumakis' nest, leaving the Matoran defenseless against the attacks. It looked like the Matoran would lose, so the six Turaga each chose one Matoran to go on an exploration mission to find a safe place to live if Cahlra Nui was destroyed. The six Matoran were Shahli, Moratu, Unavak, Favik, Kanu, and Rikacha. The Matoran discovered the Ruku Isles, and became Toa when they encountered some energized Acrodermis. The new Toa Wahrua returned and destroyed the Crumaki, leaving Cahlra Nui in peace once again.


The basic Crumaki have basic elemental powers as well as special barbs on the end of their tails.

  • Lamaki; has vacuum powers and can fly, has Crumaki barb of venom
  • Gaamaki; quicker underwater than on land, has water powers, has Crumaki barb of fusion
  • Tuumaki; heat-resistant, has lava powers, possesses the Crumaki barb of ignition
  • Bomaki; can see in the dark, very strong, possesses the Crumaki barb of blindness
  • Kuumaki; cold-resistant, has ice powers, has Crumaki barb of division
  • Pamaki; strong, has stone powers, has Crumaki barb of antagonism


Crumaki-Kal have enhanced elemental powers, shadow and kraata powers as well as the basic Crumaki barbs.

  • Lamaki-Kal; vacuum and wind powers; shapeshifting; Crumaki barb of venom
  • Gaamaki-Kal; water and protodermis powers; can produce kraata, Crumaki barb of fusion
  • Tuumaki-Kal; lava and smoke power; create walls of pure shadow; Crumaki barb of ignition
  • Bomaki-Kal; night- and mind-vision; can hypnotize; Crumaki barb of blindness
  • Kuumaki-Kal; ice and glass powers; invisibility; Crumaki barb of division
  • Pamaki-Kal; stone and metal powers; create infected masks; Crumaki barb of antagonism


Crumaki-Ivu have elemental powers other that the traditional ones as well as the Crumaki barbs.

  • Lamaki-Ivu; plantlife powers; Crumaki barb of venom
  • Gaamaki-Ivu; gravity powers; Crumaki barb of fusion
  • Tuumaki-Ivu; iron powers; Crumaki barb of ignition
  • Bomaki-Ivu; magnetism powers; Crumaki barb of blindness
  • Kuumaki-Ivu; sound powers; Crumaki barb of division
  • Pamaki-Ivu; lightning powers; Crumaki barb of antagonism

Crumaki Neutral[]

This kind of Crumaki was created without elemental powers, simply to retrieve the Kanohi Agnoka and not be destroyed by it. It is considered a Crumaki-Ivu, since it looks more like an Ivu than any other kind of Crumaki. It as its own Crumaki Barb: the Barb of Detections. It is a sort of purple-grey color.