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BtD27 Cromata
Order of Tollubo
Flint-Tipped Spear
 • Core BIONICLE Universe: Alive
 • Fractures Universe: Alive
 • Core BIONICLE Universe: Bota Magna
 • Fractures Universe: New Atero

Cromata was an Agori in the Fire Tribe who was stranded on Bota Magna.


On Spherus Magna, Cromata lived with other members of the Fire Tribe under the rule of the Element Lord of Fire. Similarly to the other Agori, he fought in the Core War in the service of the Fire Tribe.

When the Shattering occurred, ending the war, Cromata was part of the Agori society that ended up on the Bota Magna fragment. Unlike the Agori on Bara Magna, Cromata regressed into a more savage state, adapting to his environment and replacing some pieces of his armor with the local flora.

In more recent times he was part of the Agori group which captured Toa Lewa.

Deserts of Death Universe[]

In the Deserts of Death Universe, Cromata joined the ranks of the Order of Tollubo and participated in an attack upon Roxtus. While the rebels entered the city in chains Cromata was amongst them. However, he was killed in the ensuing battle by an explosive Thornax fruit.

Shadow Play[]

In the Shadow Play alternate Universe, Cromata appeared in a vision created by a Shadow Toa to extract information from Raanu. However, Raanu realized that Cromata was long dead, and the vision faded off.

Fractures Universe[]

In the Fractures Universe, the Matoran Universe returned to Bara Magna and the Brotherhood of Makuta invaded the village of Vulcanus. Accordingly, Cromata was one of the local Agori who were captured and subjugated to slavery for their Makuta betters.

Around thirty years ago, Cromata was captured by Makuta Dredzek and reduced to a foot servant, forced to attend his master's every desire. Additionally, Cromata's helmet was confiscated and the Makuta refitted him with a Kanohi Crast purely for his own entertainment.