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Welcome, one and all, to Crazy-Lihkan38's Comics, Season 3! It is an epicly fantastic world of humor, action, randomness, pie, and romance (maybe)! Last time I made these was 2011, but I'm happy to report that I have at least 8 storylines planned out, so I'll be more motivated to make them!

A blog post for comments and feedback can be found here!

I'm going to try to shoot for a comic every month, or sooner if able. Check back for updates!

I will also be working on an overhaul of my pages for this continuity, so bear with me.

NEW! Comic 9: Season 3 Premier! 12/24/2018

NEW! Comic 10: Christmas Special 2018! 12/24/2018

The Comics[]

Seasons 1 and 2[]

Season 3[]

Chapter 1: Attack of the Guest Stars[]


Seasons 2 and 3[]

  • Lihkan
  • Antwon
  • Turaga Kongu
  • Praduk
  • Monpholee
  • Ownar
  • Jareroden
  • Phyrrus
  • Reptor
  • Daniel.c.c
  • King Joe
  • Toa 95
  • Mersery
  • Toa of Christmas
  • Blast
  • Heehvan
  • Shardak
  • Vuwup
  • Whapua

Season 1[]

  • Nightwatcher
  • Asdic
  • Sarkanian
  • Zaeron
  • Elemental Lord of Technology