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Incredible Strength, Near Invulnerability
Critically Endangered
Southern Ocean, Cradaxia

The Craydaxians were a sapient, aquatic species from the Southern Ocean of Primordius Magna, renowned for their skill in blacksmith work. Although once abundant all over The Southern Ocean, and much of the Southern Island Archipelago, the Craydaxians now inhabit but only one island in the whole archipelago. As a result of matoran encroachment, and the diseases vectored by the matoran, the Craydaxian population has dwindled to a mere five individuals.

Craydaxians were a social species, living in clans with a stringent hierarchy. This clan usually consisted of and alpha male and female, their offspring, and a few warrior class individuals. Working together to hunt and gather food, mostly shellfish, Craydaxians were typically apex predators, with only a few large rahi, such as the Chardask, posing any significant threat towards them.

In a phylogenic analyses conducted by matoran scientists, Craydaxians were found to be most closely related to the genus Barraki. Craydaxians, along with barraki, have been classified into one family, Barrakidae.


The Craydaxians were among the fist sapient beings to leave the sea and colonize the land on Primordius Magna. They were incredibly skilled at blacksmith work and therefore were chosen to forge the Titan Lords' weapons. Brutakadux, a particularly skilled Craydaxian, was chosen personally to forge Malleus' giant war hammer. Some Craydaxians, including Brutakadux, chose to serve the Titans either as warriors or smiths. Others began to settle on the southernmost, unclaimed islands. One such island, Craydaxia, became their new capital.

Around 15,000 BKT, when matoran settlers reached the southern islands (they had previously only lived in the north), they did not want to be governed by an "alien species." After small disputes, the Craydaxian and matoran were able to live peacefully side-by-side. After a while, tensions between the matoran and Craydaxians grew once more and fighting broke out. The Craydaxians may have had better armor and superior combat skills, but they were susceptible to diseases carried by the matoran.

The Craydaxian population saw dramatic decline over the next several years. By 3,000 BKT, the last place where the Craydaxian Empire still ruled was Craydaxia. Fighting between the remaining Craydaxian caused further, deleterious effects on the population. Currently, there are five Craydaxians left alive, three males and two females.


Social Class[]

Craydaxians live in groups with a hierarchy in order to maintain discipline. The classes of the hierarchy are as follows:

Picture Position in Hierarchy Description

Alpha Male[]

A clan of Craydaxians is always headed by an Alpha Male whom keeps everyone else in order. He is the only male who can reproduce with the females. As warriors, Craydaxians love to fight and the males will often challenge one another for control of a clan. An alpha male most show that he can maintain order and fight off any rivals if he is to have any support
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Alpha Female[]

The Alpha female is in charge of looking after the offspring of all the other females. She can also give orders to the inferior warrior class members of a clan

Warrior Class[]

The warrior class makes up the bulk of a clan. The class consists of both male and female craydaxians. Their main job is to carry out the orders of the alpha male (in some cases, alpha female too) They are not allowed to reproduce if they are male. When a female warrior class Craydaxian reaches a certain age, she is sent to find a new clan to join. This prevents inbreeding and spreads diversity.


Craydaxians believed that honor was the most important characteristic of a good Craydaxian. To be considered honorable, a Craydaxian had to be honest, not cheat in battle, always accept a challenge (duel), and fight when needed. A Craydaxian whom lied, cheated, hid, ran away, or disobeyed would be dishonored and ostracized. Once a Craydaxian lost his honor, he or she would often feel they had nothing left to live for and often act recklessly.

Abilities and Traits[]

Craydaxians, although a powerless species, have numerous traits and capabilities. Their armor is a tough, if not tougher than protosteel. Their shell is bullet-proof as Toa Gunner found out when fight Brutakadux, and virtually impenetrable. Radiation, diseases and electric currents are the only things Craydaxians an naturally vulnerable or susceptible to. However, their large armored body makes them rather slow and cumbersome although, they are capable of short, energy-consuming, bursts of speed.

Craydaxians are renowned and celebrated for their skill at metal work. They built numerous, complex structures on Craydaxia and even under the sea in their homeland of the Southern Ocean. The Craydaxians also made the best weapons and armor in existence (although they themselves needed no armor). This is the reason they were chosen to make battle gear for the Titan Lords and certain members of the Titan army.

Known Craydaxians[]


The name "Craydaxian" is a play on the word "Crawdad" another name for crayfish.

The Craydaxians were inspired by Ids5621's Crustaniax.


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