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"Once, long ago in the early history of the Mersion race, there was an ancient order of wise elders known as the Council of Eight, who governed the isle Versuva. Despite it's honest and good intentions, the council was seeded by corruption, reducing it to nothing more than a group of dusty, squabbling senators. in the end, it was removed from power by the very people it swore to protect, due to it's growing ignorance to external threats."
―Helryx, World
Council of Eight
Mersions, Matoran
Xevthian Empire (formerly), Shadow of Ages (Unknowingly), Dark Hunters

The Council of Eight was once the governing body of Versuva.


The Council of Eight was originally founded 100,000 years ago by eight Mersions, specially chosen by Mata Nui, shortly after the creation of their race. These eight Mersions were eventually chosen to rule Versuva. They based themselves in Versuva's greatest city, Keadrah, in the building known as the Great Tower, where they would hold meetings. Not long after this, the members of the first council agreed that should they ever retire from their positions, they would pass their titles onto another Mersion so they could replace them on the council. Over the years the Council of Eight made several major decisions that were responsible for the advancement of Mersion society, one of their most notable decisions being when they allowed trade between Versuva and the rest of the universe to begin. Unfortunately, however, the council later succumbed to greed and corruption.

By the time Alxor and the Xevthian Empire arrived to conquer Versuva, many were beginning to doubt that the council was capable of ruling the isle at all. As a result of the constant bickering among the council members, Versuva was swiftly conquered, and Alxor briefly assumed supreme command over the Council of Eight. Luckily, Alxor was defeated by the Hand of Artakha, who subsequently captured and imprisoned him.

Not long after, the Mersions, led by prominent scientists such as Mersery, came to realise that the damage done to the council's internal social structure was unrepairable. As a such, Mersion society had the council removed from power for its ineffectiveness, and a single leader was elected to rule Versuva instead.


The Council of Eight consisted of eight Mersions elders, each from the most prominent cities of Versuva. the council would gather a building known as the Great Tower in the city of Keadrah, where they would debate and contemplate important events. The council would make its final decisions when all of its members agreed equally on a course of action regarding the matter being discussed. Ultimately, it was this system that led to the council's removal.

Originally, a series of rules were established by the first council, which were intended to prevent members of the council from claiming too much power. However, by the time of the fourth and final council, these rules had either been discarded or were being manipulated to suit the ambitions of members of the council.

Known Members[]

  • Mersery
  • Kulant
  • Sumina (Formerly, stepped down to pursue his research)
  • Eight unnamed Mersions who made up the first council
  • Seven unnamed Mersions who made up the second council
  • Seven unnamed Mersions who made up the third council
  • Seven unnamed Mersions who made up the fourth and last council


  • During the Council of Eight's history, there were at least four generations of the council.