The Council of Cordak is the ruling body of Cordak. It consists of 7 Turaga, one from each of the six regions of Cordak, and a head Turaga, Thitek, as well as a representative of the island's Av-Matoran.

The council oversees the construction of inter-region projects, organizes the island's defense forces, and passes laws to be governed across all regions of the island.

Before the Toa Aki sacrificed their powers to become the island's Turaga, the Council was run by Thitek and a Matoran representative from each region.


Thitek - head of the council.

Lhoiv - representative from Lebo.

Onarin - representative from Onufe.

Vayik - representative from Gavo.

Leriu - representative from Ceko.

Tosua - representative from Tasu.

Kaifu - representative from Pafo.

One of the island's 20 Av-Matoran.