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Cossy (Remains Alternate Universe)



Farside Village
Sacred Grove Battlefield

Sitos was an Agori and a member of the Patriots in the Remains Alternate Universe.


Early Life

Through yet unknown methods Sitos reached the Matoran Universe amongst other Agori and their leader, Lorani. The group traveled to the southern island of Balfe Nui, where they were tasked to disguise themselves as Matoran and live among its inhabitants.

Sitos later split up from the other Agori and took residence at the Farside Village.


Sitos still inhabitated the Farside Village when two strangers, named Theran and Range, stumbled against the encampment's walls and were brought to the Farside Council. While the entire village was warned of an incoming attack by Forgotten Warriors, he dismissed it when the council decided not to trust in the intruders.

It was only later when the two came back and brought proof of the threat that he decided to take up arms and defend the village.
Sitos then went through the Battle at Nightfall and barely escaped into the darkness with the others, finally arriving at Xafri's camp.

Together with the other Matoran he decided to help out the two new Toa to investigate where the attack came from, and they formed a small traveling group. They eventually met the rest of the Toa's team in front of a giant gate, said to be the fortress of Nuva.
Unfortunatly due to the actions of Vorred a battle was provoked on top of the fortress, which ended when Nuva activated a protosteel construction which chased them off the roof. During the escape run, Sitos was badly injured by the creature's pincers.

When Xafri sacrificed herself with the use of the Tilira, the mask unleashed its powers over the area and healed Sitos' wounds.
Soon after, he was recruited into the Patriots along with the other survivors.



Abilities and Traits

Being a Agori, Sitos had no elemental powers or could utilize a Kanohi mask.

Mask and Tools

Sitos wore a sickle and a shield during his stay at the Farside Village. As he was recruited into the Patriots, he switched to a long blade as a secondary weapon.


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