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Brotherhood of Makuta (formerly), Shadow of Ages
Dredzek's Assistant

Corzakx is a Shadow Matoran, formerly an Onu-Matoran, currently serving Makuta Dredzek and the Shadow of Ages.


Corzakx was originally a trader on the isle of Versuva. He frequently desired to become a scholar, though was considered unworthy to assume the position. He sold his products in the main bazaar of Versuva's greatest city, Keadrah, and he soon befriended a female Mersion named Herkain, who became a frequent customer of his. Around the time the Xevthian Empire emerged, Corzakx and Herkain discussed the female scientist's personal relationship with a fellow scholar named Mersery.

Eventually, opportunity came his way to fulfill his lifelong dream when Makuta Dredzek was assigned to supervise Versuva. Needing an assistant, Dredzek recruited Corzakx as one of his servants. Considering this a high honor, Corzakx became extremely loyal to his master. He would continue to serve his master for several centuries. Roughly 1,300 years ago, Corzakx was present on Destral when Dredzek hired the Zeverek bounty hunter Skorr to eliminate Toa Arrea, the former leader of the Makuta's Toa Hagah squad.

Later, Corzakx was drained of all inner light by a Shadow Leech. He was then mutated into a bat-like form by Dredzek, as well as being granted several additional powers. When Dredzek was sent on his missions by Makuta Tridax during the war between the Order of Mata Nui and the Brotherhood of Makuta, Corzakx accompanied him until he was sent back to Destral by Dredzek.

Corzakx later accompanied him into the Final Siege of Metru Nui before being teleported to the isle of Chrone near the conclusion of the battle. There, he encountered Millennium, the legendary leader of the Shadow of Ages and Dredzek's true master. He then proceeded to recruit Corzakx into his group.

Several weeks following the death of Teridax and the reformation of Spherus Magna, Corzakx journeyed with Dredzek, Hanzek and Velnax to Skrall River, where he partook in the inception ritual of the Skrall warrior Tervok, who had decided to join the Shadow of Ages.

Abilities and Traits[]

Corzakx, whilst not exactly evil, is somewhat bitter towards his fellow Matoran, as he blames them for not allowing him to achieve more in life. When he became Dredzek's assistant, Corzakx developed a strong sense of loyalty towards the Makuta.

Being a Shadow Matoran, Corzakx can launch Shadow bolts from his claws. While physically connected with a Makuta, Corzakx has access to a secondary ability, which allows him to create powerful hallucinations, capable of warping a victim's the mind. This ability was granted to him after he was mutated by Dredzek. Corzakx has also formed a mental link with his master, allowing him to receive telepathic messages from the Makuta.

Mask and Tools[]

After becoming a Shadow Matoran, Corzakx was given a powerless Kanohi Shelek by Dredzek. Due to his mutation, he was granted a pair of razor-sharp claws and wing blades.


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