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The Core War was a cataclysmic event that occurred on Spherus Magna a very long time ago. The war was mainly contributed by the Element Lords and their supporting tribe members, as well as Toa and Matoran stowaways who were supposed to be constructing the Matoran Universe Robot.

BIONICLE: Universe[]

The Core War has an important part in the BIONICLE: Universe storyline. It was the battle with the Toa and Glatorian against the Brotherhood of Makuta. Hundreds of various warriors are battling each other as the Mata Nui robot Matoran Universe is being constructed to leave the planet with all of the Toa and Matoran, who were the ones creating it. Notably, an energy tablet on the robot's forehead shoots a beam of energy at the beings boarding the robot to shrink them down to a very small size so that they could inhabit. The Great Beings largely felt that the Toa and Matoran were much more skillful in many things when compared to the Glatorian and Agori, who would not be allowed on the robot. It is true that several Glatorian successfully snuck into the robot to escape the crumbling planet, but those who were identified as Glatorian were either executed on the spot, sometimes by shoving them off the side of the robot to their deaths.

In the film, Toa Tahu leads several other stowaway Toa and Matoran to the Matoran Universe - but they fail, and take shelter on a giant tree, along with various Glatorian and Agori. As earthquakes devastate the planet and split it into three pieces, an Energized Protodermis tidal wave erupts from the planet's core. As the tidal wave arrives to the tree that Tahu and his crew are on, several Matoran and Agori fall to their deaths. Zeta Magnus, however, makes a heroic sacrifice to save the Matoran Blaze. Zeta is killed by the tidal wave himself, yet Blaze had been brought to safety.

After the Core War, all of the warriors had either been killed, trapped or had managed to retreat, and possibly make it to safety. Tahu and his surviving crew members joined together to attempt finding the Kanohi Ignika to resurrect their broken world, which was Zeta Magnus's wish. This duty is followed throughout all the films. In the first film, the Ignika is obtained. In the second, a portal is in mid-construction to bring Tahu's team back to Bara Magna.