Cordak's position highlighted on a map of the Matoran Universe

Cordak is the Southernmost island inhabited by Matoran in the Matoran Universe. Its name stems from the Matoran word for desolation, as it was originally settled by Matoran lost at sea during the Great Cataclysm.

The island is notable for its large population of Matoran, nearly 10,000, and the variety of elements among its population.



A physical map of Cordak.

Cordak was created 100,000 years ago, along with the rest of the Matoran Universe. It was first discovered by Carapar's armies approximately 70,000 years ago, though it was deemed of little value, as it was undeveloped, and has an area about an eighth the size of Metru Nui, making it vastly smaller than most other islands held by the League of Six Kingdoms.

Most knowledge of the island was lost following the fall of the League of Six Kingdoms, though it remained on Matoran maps of the Universe. It was not until 3,143 years ago (2,142 BGC) that the island was again visited by sentient beings, when agents of the Order of Mata Nui visited the island and deposited approximately 20 Matoran Spheres containing Av-Matoran who had realized their powers, with the hope that these Matoran could be reawakened when they were needed.

When the Great Cataclysm occured 1,001 years ago, the artificial gravity produced by the Great Spirit Robot faltered, and the sea of protodermis surrounding the Southern Islands began surging irregularly. Cordak, located at the knee joint of the Great Spirit Robot, rested near the bottom of Aqua Magna, and thus was where most of the protodermis surges were directed during this time. All ship traffic south of the Southern Continent was pushed by the sea toward Cordak. When the body of the Great Spirit finally settled, thousands of Matoran found themselves stranded in the sea surrounding the tiny island.

Arriving on the beaches of the island, the Matoran, dazed and unorganized, soon found themselves confronted with various hazards, including the island's harsh elements and fearsome Rahi. Turaga Thitek, the only Turaga to have washed ashore on the island, soon took control of the islands inhabitants, several thousand strong, and divided them into six villages, each containing Matoran from two elements. The Turaga went about setting up a government, the Council of Cordak, which accepted one representative from each village, and would decide on matters such as defense and inter-village projects.


Tasu (tah-soo) - home to the Matoran of fire and plasma.

Gavo (gah-voh) - home to the Matoran of water and lightning.

Ceko (seh-koh) - home to the Matoran of ice and psionics.

Lebo (leh-boh) - home to the Matoran of air and plant life.

Pafo (pah-foh) - home to the Matoran of stone and magnetism. 

Onufe (oh-noo-feh) - home to the Matoran of earth and iron.

Kinzyasu (kihn-zyah-soo) - massive dormant volcano in the center of the island.