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Unknown Species
Group Blood of Karzahni
Occupation War general (Formerly), head communications officer
Tools Electro-chains, NTLRCs
Status Alive
Location Spherus Magna
Pronunciation N/A

Conhara is a member of a largely wiped out species that has a great understanding of electricity.  He is the communications officer for the Blood of Karzahni.


Early Life

Conhara was a member of one of the species created by the Great Beings.  Conhara worked as a general in a war against the species that Flaze belongs to, which continues to cause a lot of friction between the two of them. After the war which Flazes species won, most of his species was killed by them.  Along with many others of his species, he fled the island.  He and his kinds ended up on another island, and Conhara became one of the leaders of that island.  When he was found out by Aspak, he was recruited in to the Blood of Karzahni, and took on the role as a communications officer.

Blood of Karzahni

While working as the head of communications, he designed his weapon of choice, electro-chains.  He was given materials that allowed him to create Non-Telepathic-Long-Range-Communicators (NTLRCs).  He also figured out how to stop telepathic messages from arriving at their destination.   

Spherus Magna

Once the Blood of Karzahni had moved out of the Mata Nui Robot, and Commakand died, Conhara became chief of field operations, issuing orders to operatives.

Abilities & Traits

Conhara, like most of his species, has a great understanding of electricity.  He is clever, but usually prefers other to do the dirty work.  He was unfailingly loyal to Commakand, when that leader was still alive, and would defend him if no one else would. 

Powers and Equipment

Conhara uses his NTLRC more than any member of the Blood of Karzahni.  He can use his electro-chains in battle with deadly efficiency.

Storyline Appearances

Artahkas Fall- (incomplete)

Non-Storyline Appearances

Siege on Artahka