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Comic Land
Primary Residents Matoran
Former Residents Some other Matoran
Size 1,201,600 sq. mi.
Location West from Bio-Land, Southwest from Kiel
Pronunciation N/A


Comic Land is an island which is home to many comic makers and strange Matoran. Some Matoran from Mata Nui moved there while majority went to Metru Nui(Possibly). The Land was ruled by Hapori Tohu for a long time, but he was killed in an evil plot. Currently, Turaga Hakari represents the leader in Comic Land. Here are most important locations:


In Dark709'stories[]

In Dark709's stories, the Comic Land has began many wars between unknown enemies. First one is possibly War of Malice Borg, war were BZPower's loyal soldiers battle against Ninjas from Boboobia. Second war should be The Great War of Comic Land, were Comic Land is battling enemies named "Zimmwad Clones".

The Great War With Spooni-Nui[]

99 years ago Walahokaloojitsu, the leader of Spooni-Nui, declared terrorist bombs to be dropped on Comic Land. Comic Land barely survived the bombing but over time they rebuilt their way of life and sent a team of elite Toa over to assassinate Walahokaloojitsu. The Toa Were, Mahon - Toa of Fire, Velog - Toa of Stone, Ci - Toa of Electricity, Bramich - Toa of Intelligence, Timon - Toa of Sound and Nemik - Toa of Time. Together they were the Toa Juni and they were going to assassinate the leader of Spooni-Nui.

And they succeeded, Spooni-Nui lay in shock. The Island Hurridley elected a new leader called Falonin who unknown to everyone was secretly a spy from Comic Land. Falonin led the Spoon guard into battle delibrately making sure they lost every battle. The Matoran of Spooni-Nui became suspicious and realised who Falonin really was. Learning of this, the Spoon guard poisoned his food killing Falonin. A leuitenent in the Spoon Guard, Buki, won the Spooni-Nui election, and became their new leader. Then 7 battles later (4 won by Spooni-Nui, 3 won by Comic Land), both leaders cleverly agreed on a ceasefire.

Mata Nui Rising[]

When the Matoran Universe rose, Comic Land was badly damaged since it's on the planet surface. Details aren't known for now.

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