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Combat Cannons are weapons used in the video game Bionicle Heroes: Trapped in a Nightmare. They were equipped by Matoran with the 'Mortar' job.

Classes of Combat Cannon[]

Midrak Class[]


Midak Class Cannon

These cannons were known for slow reload time and high attack power. It's range and accuracy were also fair. The Midrak Class Combat Cannon was the favored weapon of Shock during the FINAL STONE crisis.

Zamor Class[]


Zamor Class Cannon

These cannons were easy to reload because they were open, but they only held one shot at a time. They were useful because of their extremely high accuracy.

Nynrah Class[]

174px-Ghost Blaster

Nynrah Class Cannon

These cannons were extremely powerful and held two shots at a time, but the reload time could take as much as thirty seconds.

Kanoka Class[]


Kanoka Class Cannon

These cannons had quick reload time and good range, but power and accuracy on this weapon were lacking.