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Circle of Shadows takes place after Bionicle: Rise of Apocalypse.


1 week after Bionicle: Rise of Apocalypse[]

Apocalypse. Ultimate villain, defeated by the toa, and his powers, weakened. no longer as strong as he was before. he now has a new base in a place he hopes the toa will never find. the door slammed open. "well well well." said hydros (not the hydros in the hydros chronicles.) "after all this searching, we finally found you."

"who are you?" said apocalypse, not bothering to fight.

"i'm sure you've heard of us. we call ourselves...THE BACK BREAKERS" replied hydros. apocalypse had heard of them. like him, they are ultimate villains.

"i've heard of you. why are you here?" replied apocalypse. more back-breakers came in. one named Brute, and the other called Demon. unlike the other back-breakers, Demon was previously a makuta, until he heard of the back-breakers. "we heard that you have some sort of...invention." said hydros.

"yes." replied apocalypse "it's there." said apocalypse pointing at an orange cylinder.

"yes. could we borrow some of the gas inside it?" asked hydros with a smile.

"WHAT! BORROW! NEVER!" shouted apocalypse "unless you want to pay for it."

"it can be arranged." said hydros laughing. the back-breakers walked up to the cylinder and turned to look at apocalypse.

"what are you doing?" asked apocalypse actually looking worried.

"you are weaker than before now right." asked hydros.

"yes. why do you care?" asked apocalypse. hydros turned to look at the cylinder.

"KILL HIM" said hydros staring at the cylinder as if it was gold.

"WHAT!" all of a sudden, Brute and other back breakers shot him with their guns. "ARGH!!!" he shouted in pain. he shot back with the guns attached to his arms he killed some of them, then Brute shot off his leg. apocalypse let out a horrible screeching sound. he then shot off his arm, he screamed again.

"DEMON! load your tridax pod with the gas." ordered hydros.

"yes sir." he took as much as he could hold. apocalypse crawled and hit a button. the lid on the cylinder opened, with hydros standing next to it. he coughed Brute and Demon turned to see him.

"help me you fools." Brute and Demon were already at the door. they looked at each other. brute hit the button again, which made it close and ran away with Demon.

"NOOO" howled hydros. his voice was deepinging. "wha...whats happening to my voice." his hands turned to claws, and all of a sudden, he felt his face change shape. "NOOOOOOO!!!!!" he shouted.

Chapter 1[]

Bara Magna. Toa Shadow, Toa Chillblaze, and Toa Sonic had arrived there with the help of zonfilkong kais powers. "careful, like i said, theres a war going on, we're here to find tuma." said shadow.

"Die glatorian." said a skrall commander.

"glatorian. no we're toa. and if we have to defeat you to find tuma. we will." said shadow pointing his thornax launcher at it. all of a sudden, a portal opened.

"a portal. shadow, i thought we were allowed a little longer to find tuma." said chillblaze.

"obviously, somethings happened back home." replied shadow. they jumped in, and the skrall followed. they arrived back at the toa supreme base with the skrall commander.

"um...shadow, whats skrally boy doing here?" asked sonic. the skrall started to change. the effects of teleporting to a new universe for the first time, affected him badly.

"did i ever mention that sometimes, when i teleport other people, there is always a chance of...changing." said zonfilkong kai.

"no. you didn't." said shadow. all of a sudden. the skrall became taller, and stronger, and somehow gained knowledge of life on nui magna. he learnt all he needed to know about this planet in a second.

"TOA!" it hissed.

"SKRALL!" said shadow partly making fun of it by doing an impression of it's voice

"thats ultimate skrall to you." it replied. shadow turned.

"ha ha. ultimate skrall. kinda lame." said shadow laughing

"DIE TOAAAAAAA" hissed the skrall.

"zonfilkong kai. take us anywhere but here." said shadow. he nodded, and they left. they ended up on an ice world. "Now skrall. lets finish you." he looked at sonic. she unleashed a loud blast of sound knocking the skrall over. chillblaze created a mini avalanche wich buried him in snow. "well that was easy." said chillblaze. they went back home again. "so. why did you want us back aqua." shadow asked.

"we've located apocalypses base." replied aqua.

53 minutes later[]

aqua and shadow dropped from the roof and into the building. "where is he?" asked Aqua. they looked around the room.

"THERE!!!" shouted shadow in amazement. they walked towards Apocalypse. Apocalypse was breathing heavily, and wheezing, and coughing.

" this." said apocalypse breathing between every word.

"in a way. i am." said Shadow.

"who did this?" asked Aqua jumping straight to the point.

"they...are called...b...b...back-breakers..." said apocalypse. aqua and Shadow looked at each other. "ha ha...what you could never do...they did in 2...minutes." said apocalypse happily.

"just remeber. we're the ones who weakened you." said Aqua. "come on Shadow. lets leave him." said aqua.

"WAIT!" shouted apocalypse."it is not in my nature to help toa. but i must warn you. it has begun. you will not escape it."

"what's begun?" asked shadow.

"A circle of shadows." said Apocalypse.

"why a circle?" asked Aqua.

"because Toa. you cannot escape...a circle. it keeps going, there are no corners to stop at just like the shadows will. they will not stop anywhere. they will keep going on...and" said Apocalypse, slowly dieing. all of a sudden. Apocalypse died

"what if he's right? what if this time. there is a shadow, that we can never escape?" said aqua, not really expecting an answer.

Chapter 2[]

Shadow and Aqua burst in through the doors looking angry. "well. did you find him?" asked Toa Greenleaf.

"oh yeah. we did actually." answered Shadow.

"well are we gonna go and attack him then?" asked Chillblaze.

"no. we don't need to." answered Shadow walking forwards towards a computer. all the toa looked at each other.

"shadow." said shocker standing up. "what happened there?" he asked partly knowing the answer.

"shocker. i'm not gonna lie to you. apocalypse is...dead." said shadow. looking at the toa. the toa all gasped.

"but how? i mean this is apocalpse we're talking about here. how could anyone kill someone so powerful?" asked sonic talking fast.

"look everyone. calm down. we all want answers. meet me at the toa meeting room at 6:00. don't be late." said shadow leaving the room.

"i've never seen him like that before." said Aqua. he turned around to see Toa Kyson. "Kyson? what are you doing here?"

"i think i know who killed apocalypse." answered Kyson.

the toa arrived at the meeting room. nearly every Toa within the main islands arrived. they were all talking to each other. shadow and the other Toa Council members, including the Turaga looked at them all. "QUIET!!!" shouted Shadow to get there attention. they all looked at him. "WE ARE ALL HERE BECAUSE THIS MORNING, APOCALYPSE DIED" said shadow still shouting so they could hear him.

"isn't that a good thing" said a toa. once again, they all started talking.


"hello everyone. the day apocalypse was killed, i saw two people. i recognised them both. One of them is named Demon. he is a karda nui survivor, who accidentally teleported to our universe. he then joined a group called the Back-Breakers." said Kyson. there was a loud gasp, but no talking. "the other was Brute. he is the one who stole a fire toa stone, and altered destiny itself. he became more powerful. the strange thing is their leader was not with them, and Apocalypse also told us it was the back-breakers. but I believe something more happened that day. i believe that something happened to their leader. i'm just not sure what." Kyson finished speaking. a matoran ran in. everyone looked at him. "what are you doing here?" asked greenleaf. she knew the matoran. he was an acid matoran survivor. she saved his life.

"my friend...he's gone missing." he answered. everyone looked at each other.

"we finish the meeting tommorow." said shadow.

The Toa Supreme went back to their base. "when was the last time you saw him?" asked Aqua.

"well he got a note telling him to meet him at..." the matoran couldn't remember where.

"meet where. come on you have got to remember." Aqua said trying to encourage him.

"erm... it was caves. yeah that was it. the fire caves. but he should be back by now" he said.

"good work little guy." said shocker.

"you really like calling people little don't you." said sunburn. shocker smiled. "hey guys. i'll go get the matoran. after all it is my island." said sunburn.

"good idea." said shadow. "we'll stay here in case he comes back." sunburn nodded and then left. shadow looked down at the matoran. "i forgot to ask. who was the letter from?" asked Shadow. "erm. I can't remember, but i think it said mr. H" answered the matoran.

"Mr. H?" asked Shadow. "who's MR..." said Shadow having an idea of who it might be.

"Who? Shadow, Who?" asked Aqua. there was a long silence. everyone could see the shock in Shadows eyes, and how still he was. "SHADOW. WHO!?!" asked Aqua. there was a silence that lasted for about 5 seconds. "Hydros." shadow whispered. "we just sent Sunburn to save a matoran from Hydros."

"we can't be sure of that" said aqua. shadow quickly stood up and stared at Aqua.

"of course we can." shadow said fast with anger. "think about it Aqua. mr. H. wanted to meet a little matoran in the fire caves. one of the darkest places on the island, and no one ever goes there. and also. the matoran hasn't come back. i'm pretty sure it's hydros."

"Great Beings protect his poor little soul." said aqua finally believing Shadow

Sunburn was already in the caves. "HELLO!!!" he shouted. his voice echoed throughout the caves. "HELLO. ANYONE HERE!!!" there was no answer. then a matoran ran past him. "hey i was just looking for..." it ran away, and left the cave. "well that was easy. i wonder what he was running fro...ARGH!!!" a figure jumped at him. "ARGH. GET OFF ME. WHAT ARE YOU!?!" Sunburn Shouted. he saw that the figure looked like a wolf. it's eyes were glowing in the dark


"NO!!! ARGH. GET OFF OF MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!" shouted Sunburn.

Chapter 3[]

"Shadow. this is Hydros were talking about. If we go to help sunburn, we'll also be in big trouble." said Chillblaze trying to convince Shadow not to go.

"WE ARE GOING TO SAVE HIM!" shouted shadow.

"SHADOW! it's my team. i'm the leader. I say we wait a while." said Aqua

"WHAT!" said Shadow shocked to hear aqua say that.

"I'm sorry Shadow but Aqua is right." someone said. the person came out of the shadows "you really should wait a while before going to save him."

"who are you?" asked shadow

"you wouldn't believe me if i told you." he said.

"just tell me now!" demanded shadow

"alright... my karda nui." he replied.

"karda nui is a cave in the core of the matoran universe." said shadow not believing what he said.

"thats what i thought, but believe me. my name IS karda nui."

"so. toa karda nui. why should i trust you?" said shadow.

"let me just stop you there. i'm no toa. i work alone ok. and also, you need to trust me, because your gonna need all the help you can get." replied karda nui.

"fine. just answer this one question. how did you get here?" asked shadow.

"Theres a guy back home who helped me out a little. I heard about this universe a while ago. i thought i'd come and help out a little." replied karda nui

"how did you know we were in trouble?" asked shadow. karda nui was starting to wonder how long the questions would keep coming.

"there's no such thing as a toa who's not in trouble." replied karda nui hoping the questions would stop.

"alright then. we'll wait for a while." said shadow.

meanwhile somwhere on Toa island.[]

sunburn woke up. he felt hungry. Really hungry. in fact he felt as if he could eat the biggest rahi alive. "sunburn. your awake. good. NOW STAND!" said the creature that beat him up a while ago. sunburn stood up. "yes. you have become a loyal creature. now i will us this on the others." it said to itself. "SUNBURN! TALK!" it ordered. sunburn growled instead. "I SAID TALK!" it ordered again. he growled again. "hmm. i guess i used too much of it." it said to itself "oh by the way. you will now answer to the name FLARE WOLF." it said. it turned to walk away "oh and, you can call me wolf king, or at least try and call me wolf king, but everyone else calls me...HYDROS"

Toa meeting room[]

"THIS MEETING PICKS UP WHERE WE LEFT OFF YESTERDAY" shouted shadow so everyone could hear him. "BUT WE NEED TO FORGET ABOUT APOCALYPSE BEING DEAD. TOA SUNBURN IS MISSING." shadow looked at karda nui when he said that. "WE BELIEVE HYDROS CAPTURED HIM." everyone gasped and talked to each other. "QUIET!" shouted shadow "I WOULD LIKE TO INTRODUCE YOU ALL TO KARDA NUI." said shadow. karda nui stepped forwards.

"KARDA NUI IS A CAVE NOT A PERSON." shouted a toa.

"could you do me a favour toa and shut up." said karda nui staring at him "yes. karda nui is a cave. but believe me. my name is karda nui. and before you ask. i will not tell you why. it's...kind of a long story. So anyway, i've decided i'll help you to find Sunburn." just then, some sort of werewolf smashed a hole in the ceiling and jumped down onto the meeting table.

"WHOAH!!! what is that thing." said a toa. the werewolf scratched the toa on the face. "ARGH!!!" he shouted, he fell to the floor. shocker and Aqua jumped over to it and tried to hit it with their weapons. it just blocked with it's dangerously sharp claws. Shadow stared at it's armour carefully. "STOP!" shouted shadow. aqua and shocker jumped away from the creature and towards shadow "what is it?" asked shocker.

"look at it's armour" replied shadow. they both looked at it's armour.

"NO...IT CAN'T BE." said Aqua. "IT'S SUNBURN!" all of a sudden, another wolf, a taller wolf came in.

"he is no longer sunburn. he is flare wolf. and I...I am THE WOLF KING!!!" he said laughing.

"YOU MONSTER!" shouted shadow.

"thank you." the wolf king said.

"WHAT IS YOUR REAL NAME!?!" shadow asked shouting at him.

" my name is hydros." he answered.

Chapter 4[]

"HYDROS!" shouted Shadow. "what happened to you?"

"some sort of gas. i breathed it in. luckily not too much of it though, like your friend here." answered Hydros.

"you monster!" said Aqua shaking his head slowly.

"like i said before." said hydros. "thank you" the toa charged at hydros. Aqua tried to hit hydros with his sword, but hydros blocked with his claws.

"I AM MORE POWERFUL THAN BEFORE TOA!!!" shouted Hydros. "you can't beat me.

"but i bet i can." said karda nui, jumping toward him. karda nui hit hydros with his weapon, called the disk of armageddon. (even though it looked nothing like a disk). Hydros hit karda nui in the face with his claws.

"come on flare wolf. i'll find you someone else to eat." said hydros. flare wolf was getting ready to eat a toa, and then it left with hydros. shadow looked around.

"well..."said shadow "that was...unexpected." Aqua just stared at him.

the toa were back at the base.

"this is bad. really, really bad" said sonic.

"this is worse than bad, this is terrible." said chillblaze.

"no, no. this is terribly bad." said greenleaf.

"ENOUGH!" shouted shadow. karda nui jumped a little.

"whoah. calm down" said karda nui. shadow turned


"'s just...erm...a...suggestion..." said karda nui. shadow turned to look at the toa again.

"what are we gonna do?" asked shadow. none of the toa answered. none of them had a plan.

meanwhile at the back-breakers base[]

"what are we gonna do without a leader?" asked Brute.

"i'm not sure." answered Demon. "maybe we should join Hydros' team."

"WHAT! WHY!?!" shouted brute.

"because. i have that gas...stuff. we could help him rebuild an army."

"we don't know what that stuff does yet." answered Brute

"well now you do". hydros entered the room.

"whoah! hydros is that you?" asked Brute

"yes. it is. and you should join me. because we could make a wolf army."

"well i dunno..." said brute looking down.

"well. i'll take Demon then." said hydros looking at demon.

"wait...what." asked demon. Hydros howled and jumped at demon. he jabbed something into Demon. Brute and the other back-breakers ran away. Hydros stabbed as many back-breakers as he could before they escaped. "now demon. i want you to keep that gas in your tridax pod safe ok." said hydros.

The remaining back-breakers were hiding in an abandoned base.

"great. now we're leaderless again." said a back-breaker.

"I wouldn't say that." someone said.

"who are you?" asked Brute.

"i will tell you. IF i can be your new leader." all the back-breakers looked at each other, and nodded

"alright then. who are you?" brute asked again.

"my ultimate Skrall." he said.

back at the toa supreme base[]

"i'm sorry toa, but i have to leave now." said karda nui.

"alright. thanks for all the help." said shadow.

"i'm sure we'll meet again. goodbye." said karda nui.

"so karda nui. where to?" asked zonfilkong kai

"anywhere in the matoran universe." answered karda nui. zonfilkong kai teleported karda nui away.

"well then." said shadow. "i guess we should...WHOAH!!!" there was a massive earth quake.

"whats happening!!!" shouted Aqua. they all ran outside. they looked around and saw more toa outside looking up. matoran were looking up. the makuta were looking up. the back-breakers were looking up. everyone on the planet was looking up. the turaga walked towards the toa supreme and shadow. "how is this possible?" asked shadow.

"even i am not so sure shadow." answered the turaga. the toa saw a giant portal, about the size of the entire planet, in the sky.

"what's going on?" asked sonic. no one answered her. the planet went through the portal. The ground shook beneath their feet. some toa fell over because of the power of the earthquake.

"what just happened?" asked chillblaze.

"i don't know." asked shadow. "i just don't know." the toa did not know that their entire planet had just teleported into the bionicle universe.(the official bionicle universe).

Chapter 5[]

"what just happened?" asked Brute. no one answered

"i said WHAT HAPPENED!?!" he shouted.

"WE DON'T KNOW!" shouted a back-breaker. ultimate skrall walked into the room.

"I want everyone to try figure out what just happened." ordered ultimate skrall. ultimate skrall walked outside and looked up. Brute walked outside and stood next to him.

"you already know what happened don't you?" brute said. ultimate skrall was still looking up.

"yes. well...i think i do." replied the skrall.

"well...what happened then?" asked brute

"this planet has moved. i can sense my original planet. i can sense teridax's power. i can sense..."

"ok ok. enough with the sensing." interrupted brute. "why and how have we teleported?"

"i don't know why or how." replied ultimate skrall. he turned to walk back in the base. "i'm going to bara magna." he said as he was walking back inside. brute suspected that ultimate skrall knew what how the planet teleported. he then turned and looked shocked.

the toa supreme are also trying to find out what happened. "we have to find out what happened. and where we are." said shadow as he was walking through the base. "zonfilkong. i want you to teleport me to the nearest planet. which ever planet that is." he said. chillblaze and sonic walked in.

"the nearest planet is bara magna." chillblaze told them. "and you're not going alone. me and sonic are coming along."

"and me." kyson walked in. shadow looked at them.

"alright then. let's go." said shadow. zonfilkong kai teleported them away. they arrived in the middle of a battle. shadow had to shout above the noise of battle for the toa to hear him. "alright. i'll go with chillblaze and sonic to find tuma. kyson. you fight the skrall and rahkshi."

kyson nodded, and shadow, sonic, and chillblaze left to find tuma.

back at nui magna, the toa are still trying to figure out what happened. "maybe it was the great beings." said aqua.

"oh yeah. because the great beings are gonna bring us to this universe for no reason." replied shocker in a sarcastic voice.

"no wait. maybe i'm right though." said aqua, "maybe it was the great beings."

"thats great stupidness" laughed shocker making a joke.

"SHOCKER! now is not he time. maybe the great beings want us to help fight the bara magna war. maybe it's our destiny."

"our destiny?" replied shocker. "it's OUR destiny to fight in a war that isn't even ours. maybe it was the great beings, but it is NOT our destiny."

"shocker. enough. this shouldn't bother you." said aqua. shocker sighed and turned around.

on bara magna, shadow, and the others were struggling to find tuma. shadow pushed a skrall against a wall. "WHERE IS TUMA!?!" shadow demanded.

"i don't know." it answered. shadow pushed his sword up to its neck.

"i said...where is he?" he whispered. the toa and the skrall warrior could sense the anger in shadow. he started to choke the skrall.

"the...last i saw him...he was...wandering the wasteland. that's all i know. i swear. that's all. wandering the wasteland." it said. shadow removed his sword from it's neck."thanks." shadow said. he hit it in the face with his sword. it fell and hit the floor. "next time...answer faster". shadow looked at the skrall. he looked up and saw a glatorian named ackar looking at him. "erm...he's all yours." said shadow. ackar smiled. elsewhere, kyson was struggling to fight the rahkshi and skrall. kyson was hit by a laser that appeared to come from a rahkshi's eye. "oh good. rahkshi of heat vision." said kyson in a sarcastic tone. "thats no match to the power of life!" he shouted. he charged at the rahkshi and killed it. "hey. if that's mata nui. who's controlling that big thing?" shouted a glatorian. kyson looked at him.

"what! no no. i'm erm..." kyson couldn't think what to say next. "erm. yeah. his brother." he told the glatorian. "did i just say his brother? oh. i'm so stupid sometimes." kyson thought.

back at nui magna. hydros was walking along a room, looking at some of the captured back-breakers. "i'm sorry i had to capture you all like this. it was the only way though. but the good thing is you get to do what I saw again." said hydros to the sleeping back-breakers. "oh but. i didn't like you as back-breakers. well...i did. but i like you more as...the legion of wolves. we will put a shadow over nui magna." laughed hydros. demon woke up, and felt his face.

"what have you done to me?" asked demon.

"don't worry. you're not the only one who has changed." said hydros. demon looked around, and saw all the back-breakers. but they were all werewolves. at the same time. they all woke up.

Chapter 6[]

"i'm a...a wolf?" asked demon.

"yes. you all are." replied hydros.

"why did you do this to us?" asked Demon.

"because. i don't want the Back-breakers to rule nui magna. i want the legion of wolves to rule Nui magna. and then we will travel to other planets, and take over them, and we will rule the universe!" shouted hydros.

"so what? we just have to live as wolves for the rest of our lives?" asked demon.

"yes. there is no cure. if there was...i would have used it on myself by now." said hydros.

at the toa supreme base, the toa are still trying to find a cure for the wolf transformation.

"there has to be something we can do." said aqua. "we can't just leave sunburn like that."

"and we won't. but first, let's worry about how and why our planet has moved." said shocker.

meanwhile on bara magna.

shadow, chillblaze, and sonic have finally found tuma. "so tuma. we meet again." said shadow.

"wait. did you just say...again?" asked chillblaze. shadow did not reply.

"shadow." hissed tuma. "is there a reason you have come. let me guess. you want a fight. thats not a good idea. remember our last battle. i'm surprised you made it out alive."

"no tuma. i'm not here to fight. i want to know what you're planning to do during the time of this war." replied shadow.

"really?" said tuma. "well. i will do...nothing."

"nothing?" asked shadow.

"the skrall abondoned me after my battle with mata nui."

"oh really. you actually lost a battle. thats a change." laughed shadow. tuma was mad at shadow, but he knew that it would be unwise to try attack him.

"so from now on. i will just wander the wasteland." said tuma. tuma turned, and then turned back and knocked shadow to the floor. tuma ran away. shadow stood up.

"get him!" shouted shadow. the toa chased tuma across the desert, until they came to a pile of junk. the toa saw tuma stood still staring at them.

"where are they?!?" shouted tuma.

"where are who?" asked shadow.

"you know who i mean shadow." said tuma.

"no. i really..." shadow was interrupted. all of a sudden. they realised that the junk wasn't junk at all.

"ATTACK!" shouted the junk.

"this isn't real is it" asked sonic.

"yes...i think" replied shadow. tuma got his sword and started to attack the junk.

"should we help?" asked chillblaze. the toa looked at the junk attacking tuma.

"no they seem ok." said shadow. tuma ran away. "well that was unexpected." said shadow. the toa walked over to the junk looking people. "erm...hi. who are you?"

"we are the junk tribe. and you are probably wondering what just happened. we can make ourselves look like junk." said the junk tribe leader.

"oh. ok. do you think you will be ok? i mean, it seems like tuma wants to kill you all." asked shadow.

"we are fine. tuma is too weak." said the junk tribe leader

"good. now we're gonna continue our mission." said shadow.

"which is?" asked the junk tribe leader.

"to help you win this war." replied shadow.

elsewhere on bara magna. kyson is fighting alongside the glatorian.

"die, die, die!" shouted kyson. kyson noticed the glatorian run towards makutas giant foot, and point their thornax launchers at his foot.

"FIRE!!!" shouted kiina. the glatorian did as she said. there was no damage done to makuta.

"it appears your friends are trying to distract me." makuta said to mata nui. "now they will die. makuta shot a blast of energy at the glatorian, killing only a few. kyson shot a blast of energy at makuta. no damage was done. "this is not good." said kyson.

back at nui magna. there is a big problem. a spaceship has appeared over the skies of nui magna.

"no. it can't be." said zonfilkong kai.

"what is it?" asked aqua.

"they are called paltrodoids. enemys of my people. they know i'm here." replied zonfilkong kai. a giant laser appeared. it started pulling zonfilkong kai up.

"no. help me. help me please." said zonfilkong kai

"don't worry. we'll help..." it was too late. he was gone. "no. no no no no. WHY ANOTHER!!! THATS THREE. THREE TOA. DEAD!!!" shouted aqua.

"we have another problem aqua." said greenleaf.

"what is that?" asked aqua.

"shadow, and the others are still on bara magna."

Chapter 7[]

Kyson was fighting many rahkshi and piraka. he defeated the last of these ones but there were many more to fight elsewhere on bara magna. "this job gets harder everyday!" said kyson. "i think you deserve a break." someone said. kyson turned around.

"who are...WHOAH!!! your not like anything i've ever seen." replied kyson

"i am a skrall. an ultimate skrall." said ultimate skrall.

"what's your name? if you have one" asked kyson getting ready for a fight.

"ultimate skrall, and you are going to wish i never ever found you."

"you know what ultimate...i highly doubt that." said kyson remaining calm. ultimate skrall hissed at him and they both charged forwards and their swords clashed together.

back at the nui magna, toa aqua is freaking out. "WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO? WITH ZONFILKONG DEAD, SHADOW AND THE OTHERS CAN'T GET BACK!"

"AQUA!!! calm down. please. first we have to find out why and how our planet got here" said shocker.

"alright. your right, and we have to find a cure for this...wolf disease" said aqua. "but how?" there was silence for a while and then...

"I KNOW!" shouted magnatron. "we can capture one of the wolves and then test it's DNA and we can find a cure easily".

"you know what... thats a good idea" said aqua. magnatron smiled but no one could see his smile behind the helmet he was wearing.

back on bara magna, a fight was still going between ultimate skrall and kyson. ultimate skrall tripped backwards and kyson put his ice blade up to the skralls neck. "NOW TELL ME YOU BEAST!!! HOW DID OUR PLANET GET HERE!?!" asked kyson.

"alright...i'll talk" replied ultimate skrall. "it was...teridax".

"why would teridax want to bring our planet to this universe?"

"because. he wants to rule as many planets as he can. soon this universe will be packed with planets for him to rule".

"how can we get our planet back?" asked kyson

"once teridax dies. it will teleport back, but if you want to get back to your planet. you better get back now because once the planet gets back to it's original position, you'll never get home".

"why not?" asked kyson "zonfilkong kai has the power to teleport between universes". ultimate skrall did not answer. he tripped kyson up and ran away. kyson stood up "oh no you don't!" shouted kyson

back at nui magna.

"be quiet. this plan has to work" said aqua. they saw a wolf that was previously a back-breaker walk past "wait...wait....NOW!!!" shouted aqua. the toa jumped at the wolf and hit it's head. they took it back to their base and tested the DNA. "we have a cure aqua" said greenleaf

"what is it?" replied aqua.

"...matoran blood. all we have to do is get the blood, mix it with...any gas really, and then make the wolves breathe it in".

"that could work" said aqua. "but do you know a matoran who's gonna volunteer?"

"yes. i do. his name is chloride. i'm sure he will help us out".

"good. lets go find this matoran then". said aqua.

Chapter 8[]

The toa supreme travelled to matoran island to find Chloride. they asked other matoran if they would volunteer. none of them did. "GIVE BLOOD! do you know how painful that is?" said one matoran and he walked away.

"i just said..." shocker sighed "oh forget it. none of these matoran will volunteer."

"don't give up hope shocker" said aqua with confidence "i'm sure we will find this...chloride. apparently greenleaf knows him really well".

"speaking of greenleaf. where is she?" asked shocker looking around.

"she's wind flying above the island". said aqua.

greenleaf was up high looking for chloride. she remembered when she first met him. it was during the ignika war. and during the destruction of acid island. many matoran were leaving the island for their own safety. many destructo-bots were on the island destroying anything that got in their way and turning poor matoran and toa into nothing but dust. greenleaf was one of the toa who went to the island to save the matoran. "RUN NOW!!! quickly. head to toa island!" she shouted. they all ran but most of them died. she noticed one matoran called chloride. "Hold on matoran. i'm coming!" she jumped towards chloride. there was an explosion and chloride was burnt all across his left side. greenleaf thought he was dead "NO!!!" she shouted. she ran up to him "can you hear me. SPEAK TO ME" she shouted. the matoran sat up. everything looked like a blur to him, he was partly blinded and there was a ringing sound in his ears. eventually he could hear voices and screaming. he heard greenleaf. "COME WITH ME!!!" she shouted.

she picked him up and she started to run to the Boats to get off the island. she saw a toa called meltdown. "MELTDOWN! GET OVER HERE!!! THIS ISLAND ISN'T SAFE ANYMORE!!!" she shouted at him.

"WHAT ABOUT THE MATORAN?!?" he shouted back.

"LOOK AROUND MELTDOWN!!! WE'VE LOST!". meltdown looked around at was once his island.

"OK. I'M COMING!" he shouted. there was an explosion that knocked meltdown to the floor.

"MELTDOWN!!!" screamed greenleaf at the top of her voice. a destructo-bot pointed it's laser cannon at greenleaf and Chloride. greenleaf jumped out of the way. she got in a boat and looked back at the island. she stared at meltdown. "please stand up. please." she said to her self. there was a bigger explosion which shook the island and the water surrounding it. slowly the island began to sink. she saw matoran screaming and running around. the water began to flood the island. chunks of the island broke off

"MELTDOWN!!!" greenleaf screamed. she started to cry. "NO!!!". chloride got his vision back and saw his island destroyed. meltdown got up and realised there was no hope for him anymore. he started to fight the destucto-bots. "GO GREENLEAF! tell the toa supreme...that...they were the best". the island was completely destroyed and meltdown died.

"NO!!!" shouted chloride. they both went to toa island in the boat. chloride promised he would do anything to pay greenleaf back for all of her help.

Greenleaf was no longer thinking about that now and she realised she had benn flying in circles for a long time. she saw chloride. she flew down to him. "hi chloride." she said. "remember when you said you would do anything for me. well i've thought of something you can do for me".

the toa supreme were at their base.

"now this will sting a little bit". said greenleaf. she jabbed a needle into him, and took some blood. "thanks chloride. that really helped us alot".

they began to make the gas they would need to make the cure. "there! we're done. now we just gotta go and cure the wolves". said aqua.

"Aqua. we don't even know where the wolves are". said shocker.

"no. we don't but he does". replied aqua looking at one of the wolves. they woke it up. it growled at them. magnatron and greenleaf moved back.

"can you talk?" asked aqua.

"grrr. YES I CAN" it growled. "but i'm not telling YOU anything". shocker bent over and put his hand around it's neck and began to strangle it.

"YOU...WILL...TALK NOW!" shouted shocker squeezing it's neck harder. the wolf coughed.

"why...should... I" it coughed. shocker held up a little container.

"because we have made a cure" replied shocker. he let go of it's neck. "so...where is he?"

" underground base at matoran island. go into the back-breakers base and there will be some stairs leading underground. you don't need to worry about back the back-breakers. they've all left".

"thanks" said shocker. he jabbed a needle into it, and it slowly changed back to it's original form. "you see aqua. they do talk".

"alright. let's go find these wolves and put an end to hydros". said aqua.

Chapter 9[]

the toa supreme headed to matoran island. "this is where the wolf army will end" said Aqua. the other toa followed behind him, but not just the toa supreme followed behind. other toa from other teams followed behind them. they stepped inside the base. "Well where are they? you said they'd be here" said a toa.

"they are here. they're underground. you guys stay here. my team are going under" said aqua. he looked a mutated toa who was now called beast. "beast. your in charge of these guys for now". the toa supreme walked down the stairs. they saw the wolves and Hydros. Aqua pointed his zamor sphere launcher at hydros.

"that won't help you toa" said hydros without even turning around. Aqua lowered his launcher.

"how did you know i was here?" asked Aqua.

"i'm a wolf. i can smell you".

"i'm gonna take that as a compliment" said aqua. hydros laughed. then he turned.

"wolves. attack them!" he ordered pointing at the toa. a wolf jumped at shocker. shocker quickly jabbed it with a needle and it slowly changed back to it's original form. "NO!" shouted Hydros. "you found a cure!?"

"yes. we did" said Aqua. and now we will cure you all". Aqua opened a container and the gas came out curing all the back-breakers and Sunburn. Hydros was holding his breath. and then the gas was gone. "ha haaaa" laughed hydros "i'm still a wolf". then he jumped at Aqua and hit his sword with his claws. they kept clashing the claws with the sword. hydros lifted his claws and scratched aquas face, then kicked him to the floor. shocker ran up to him and tried to hit him, but hydros ducked and then tripped shocker. he grabbed shockers staff and hit the other toa and they fell to the floor. Hydros chucked the staff at shocker. "I...WIN!!" he shouted. sunburn stood up behind him. "no. WE win". he said. hydros turned.

"what?" he said. sunburn punched him in the face.

"i said...we win" sunburn jabbed a needle into hydros.

on bara magna, Kyson has been chasing Ultimate Skrall for hours now. Kyson saw Ultimate skrall climbing a high cliffe. "that's not gonna slow me down". Kyson whispered. Kyson activated his jet pack, and started flying up. "wow. you can climb fast" said kyson. eventually he reached the top. he saw ultimate skrall waiting for him.

"it ends here Skrall!" shouted Kyson.

"yes. it does. it ends with the death of you!" shouted ultimate skrall. they both ran at each other and clashed swords. ultimate skrall hit kyson with his axe. kyson fell down. ultimate skrall bent down and almos hit kyson with his sword. but kyson rolled over. kyson jumped up and hit ultimate skrall in the back. "ARGH" he shouted. kyson jumped over ultimate skrall. ultimate skrall kicked kyson. kyson went flying and landed at the edge of the cliffe. ultimate skrall walked up to him. "now my friend. we end this".

kyson tripped him up, and then stood up. he put his sword to ultimate skrall's neck. "this will make the toa council very happy" said kyson. kyson put his foot on the skrall and kicked him off. Ultimate skrall created a shadow hand as he was falling. the hand nearly hit kyson, until the skrall hit the floor. the impact made the ground shake. glatorian all looked at the dead skrall in disbelief. kyson looked at makuta and mata nui fighting. he saw aqua magna heading straight for makutas head. "OH NO" whispered kyson. "KYSON! come over here. we're heading back home" said shadow. kyson walked up to them. shadow got a little communication device. "hello aqua. this is shadow. tell zonfilkong kai that we're...what?...oh right....ok i'm sorry...yeah we'll be fine here...ok goodbye...".

"what is it?" asked chillblaze.

"zonfilkong is dead" answered shadow.

"so when makuta dies. we're stuck here?" said sonic.

"no. ok guys, you know how, anyone with the element of shadow in our universe can teleport anywhere".

"yes" they all answered.

"well" said shadow "guess what". they teleported away, and just in time. makuta died just after they teleported.

the toa arrived at nui magna. "YOUR ELEMENT IS SHADOWS!!!" shouted chillblaze.

"yes. it is. i'm sorry i kept it a secret all this time. the toa council will not be happy about this". said shadow. the toa supreme ran inside and saw the toa.

"HA HAAAA! your back!" shouted Aqua. "which means your element is...shadows".

"yes it is. but toa, thats not important. what's important is that we have ended the circle of shadows. the wolves are gone. ultimate skrall is defeated, and teridax is dead. Toa. we ARE VICTORIOUS!!!"


someone was on a life support system. wires were in their body. some people stood around him. he woke up. "where am i?" he asked.

"where you belong" answered someone else. he ripped the wires out of his body and stood up. "that's not a good idea" said one of the people.

"i'm fine. i only got punched in the face".



Hydros (original and wolf form)

a few back-breakers

demon (original and wolf form)





zonfilkong kai

ultimate skrall (original and ultimate form)






a Turaga

a few toa


sunburn (original and wolf form)

a few matoran

karda nui (a moc by a friend of biobuilderstudios)

a few makuta


mata nui


a few skrall

a few rahkshi

a few piraka


a few glatorian

a few wolves

junk tribe (a few mocs by a friend of biobuilderstudios)



destucto-bots (mentioned only)

meltdown(mentioned only)


toa council (mentioned only)