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"I like chocolate!"
Candy Bar

Cikalo is a Golden Matoran, noted for his love of candy and chocolate.


Cikalo has lived all his life in Tofug City. He was born during the Matoran Hordika's Army/Monster Army War. Cikalo's mother died right after giving birth to Cikalo. His dad remained alive and took care of him while their house was guarded by the Monster Army that had already conquered Tofug City. All houses were being guarded, including Cikalo's family's.

One day during the war Cikalo got bored and went out of the window onto the streets, but was captured by the monsters. They were about to kill Cikalo, but his father came and saved him. Later, when the war ended and Bio-Land was in peace again, Cikalo continued his normal life with his father.

Cikalo grew after this, into an adult.

Cikalo was originally a candyshop salesman and when he ended the shop he got all the candy and chocolate for himself. That's why he likes candy and chocolate so much.

He became a guard later because his dad had been a guard. His best friends were Mazihu and Pakagi.

During the War of the Clones Cikalo was imprisoned along with all the other Matoran but was freed by a global army assembled by Henkka. Cikalo then fought in the final battle against the Lerahk army until the Invasion of the Spiders of Doom. Cikalo was mutated into a monster but that was erased by Tapio when he used the Mask of Reality.

Later Cikalo was teleported to Firehead's Fortress where he was freed from in Quest for the Four Great Lands. Cikalo went to continue his job until the War Against the Spiders of Doom began. When Tofug City was conquered, Cikalo was captured. He was freed after The Rising.

Cikalo moved to Kowa Mountains during the Great Migration. There he currently resides. He's having a hard time adjusting to the new lifestyle since there's no caady in the mountains yet. He lives in Pakagi's apartment.

Abilities and Traits[]

Cikalo is very fast. He has become fast running between home and his job when his candy has ran out.

Cikalo has always been gold and he has been admired for that. All the girls want him.


Cikalo got the candy bar from his old candy shop. He uses it as his powerful weapon. When he hasn't gotten anything else to do, he licks it.



  • Cikalo has planned to become a candy shopkeeper once more.

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