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The Chronicles of Matua Nui is a Fan Fiction by me, Xion622.

Chapter 1[]

100,000 years ago... Tahu and Kopaka were bickering down the slope, heading away from Helryx's base. They had just come from there because the Oder of Mata Nui's had just told them of their mission to Karda Nui. Helryx Staed they would have ten years to train before the depart.

"I don't know abou this tahu," Kopaka said, and waited for his brother to respond. When he did not, he said, "Tahu?"

Kopaka looked to his side, and Tahu was no longer there. Kopaka looked around, and noticed his brother lying in the dirt path. Kopaka rushed to his side.

"Tahu...Tahu!" Kopaka said, "What happened to him?"

That's when the world started to spin around him. Kopaka felt nautious, and he hit the ground. As his world was turning black, his now blurry vision spotted two figures coming their way.

Tahu and Kopaka were floating in an all white world. Kopaka put his hand on the back of his head, and looked at Tahu.

"Where are we?" He asked.

"How do you expect me to know?" Tahu replied.

"Well--" Kopaka was cut off by a warping sound behind him.

Kopaka turned around and saw two Matoran. One was a Ta Matoran, and the other was a Ko Matoran.

"Hello" the Ta Matoran said.

"There is a legend," The Ko Matoran exclaimed, "they say that base you just came from clones a Toa's spirit. And it puts in a Matoran, in which they just built.

"My name is Uhat, and this is Akoka," The Ta Matoran said, "and we are your clones."