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Location Various
Purpose Recording important events

Chronicler is an occupation in which the task is to record important events in history.


In the Prime Reality, the first known Chronicler was Kodan, the Chronicler of Metru Nui until shortly before the Great Cataclysm. He was killed by Eliminator during a mission to close Metru Nui's gates.

There were no new Chroniclers until after the Great Rescue. At some point during the following millennium, Takua was elected the next Chronicler. He gathered six Toa stones made by the Toa Metru and used them to summon the Toa Mata, but lost his memory after a bad fall. He then traveled the island, assembling the Chronicler's Company, and together the Company held off the infected Rahi attacking the Kini-Nui.

When Takua was transformed into a Toa, Hahli was named the new Chronicler. However, she became a Toa Inika a month later, so the post was filled by Kopeke.

Several Matoran-inhabited regions of the other parts of the Matoran Universe were known to have established their own, regional chroniclers to record their own history, such as Celuxa. These chroniclers, lacking Metru Nui's collection of resources, kept their records much smaller and more summarized.

Gigas Magna Storyline[]

Angonce was the first bearer of the rank of Chronicler. After he went insane, the Order of Great Beings found itself without a recorder of history for a time. Brominax once considered taking the job, but declined, finding medicine a more interesting science.

After the Order went into hiding, Boreal became Chronicler. He was kidnapped at one point by the Bounty Hunters' Guild, an event which precipitated the Bounty Hunter Wars.

During the Purge, Boreal's libraries were destroyed, erasing much important historical information, and Boreal himself was killed during the first year of the Gigas Magna Civil War.

At some point, Ixtil retired from his position as leader of the Galactic Republic in order to search for knowledge as the Republic expanded.

Known Chroniclers[]


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