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Chronicle of the Corrupted Light
Date Set
100,000+ BGC-1,003 AGC (present)

The Chronicle of the Corrupted Light is an upcoming story about Kaisira's life. The story is currently being told by Kaisira to a specific village of Matoran in Spherus Magna.



"Its been two years since I came to Spherus Magna....and since then I had not finish my fight with Makuta Atrector , but I had re-gain my former self, now protecting a village of Matoran, and also aid the Matoran by lending my group of tame Rahi that had survived from the other universe......"

"Toa Kaisira! Are you in here?" shouted a white-color Matoran who was half-carrying his matoran friend and half-standing near the mouth of the cave.

I did not like being interrupted while I am was writing about my chronicle on a tablet nor allow anyone near my cave (as all I could tell the Matoran, that I did not want them to be harmed by my 'auto-insane' friend). But I know I can not let the Matoran at my presence worry; so I put the un-finish tablet away and pick up my weapons (excluding the Staff of Defusion ) that were propped against the wall of the cave and swiftly walked toward the cave enterance.

As I got there; I quickly recognized the two Matorans, Kac and Rui and to my surprise to see Rui injured and her Kanohi damaged.

"What happen, Kac?" I calmly asked while activing my Kanohi's ability to repair Rui's damaged Kanohi.

"I do not know, one of your Muaka found Rui and came to me while I was on my way to trade goods with the Ga-Matoran." replied Kac.

I examine Rui's injuries on her arms (after repairing her Kanohi).

"It is unlikely a Dark Hunter nor anyone who would attacked a Matoran and leave one alive as I know it is not in their nature to do so."

"Would it be likely be a wild Rahi that did this to Rui, Toa Kaisira?" Kac asked.

"Highly doubt it would be a wild Rahi as Rui's injuries seem to come from something sharp like metal or a weapon, but.....lets not think about this as I don't want any more wild guesses. Come with me, I'm going back to the village to warn the others." I replied.

I then walked outside of the cave with Kac half-carrying Rui slowly following behind. I turn around and bend down to Kac; gesturing to him to let me carry Rui instead so he wouldn't need to carry her all the way back to the village.

To be continued........