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"The ones, who'll bring down the reality of darkness..."
―A piece of a stone tablet found by one of the Chosen Ones
Chosen Ones
Headquarters/Base N/A
Leader(s) Henkka, unofficially
Status Wiped out of excistence
Current Goals N/A

The Chosen Ones were six Matoran who were the only hope for the reality in False Reality. There was one Chosen ones for each city and region. These Matoran were:

The Chosen Ones could only change reality back to normal with their real memory. To get back their whole memory about the real reality, each of the Chosen Ones had to find and collect their real masks, real tools and an energy ball which held the rest of their memory. The energies were guarded by the Power Guardians, that, after defeated would help the Chosen Ones in their task.


Sia, the mask that Aino had to obtain in order to get some of her memory back

The Chosen Ones realized their task in the false reality when Henkka, on his way to save a Turaga in danger, found a stone tablet from the ground. After he had saved the Turaga, he showed the tablet to him and they started the mission. Henkka then went to all the six districts and found clues ad brought the Chosen Ones together. They then collected their masks, tools and powers to get their memory back.

After doing this, the Chosen Ones lead an army of all the inhabitants of the false reality in Inwirn's base. The Chosen Ones battled Inwirn and won. Tapio took the Mask of Reality and changed the reality to normal, wiping everything that happened in the false reality away.

Respective masks, tools...[]

Below is a list of the Chosen Ones and the mask and tool that they had to collect. The ball of energy was the same for everyone

Chosen Ones
Chosen One Collectible Kanohi Collectible Tool
Henkka Mask of Electricity Ancient Staff
Tapio Mask of Laser Staff of Laser
Aino Sia Aino's Jet-Pack
Mataiti Mahiki Fire Sword
Matoran Hordika Kaukau Claws
Miira Miru Sword



Ancient Staff, the staff that Henkka had to obtain

  • The Masks and tools that the Chosen Ones had to collect, were the same that they have in the real reality.
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