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Choices is one of the three story serials for Paradox of the Abyssmal: Coming of Calamity, along with Crossroads of Shadow and Legacy of the Sands. The Organization of Darkness and Icarax 3 belong to Pokermask. It covers the Reign of Shadows during the events of Paradox of the Abyssmal: Coming of Calamity, and the choices between good and evil that will be made by Toa and Makuta alike.

Paradox of the Abyssmal: Choices[]


One week ago:

Thok and Reidak sat on the Order of Mata Nui's ship to Xia. They had been given altered Exo-Toa suits with breathing mechanisms so they could travel on land. Piloting the ship was a Toa of Plantlife who was a servant of the Order of Mata Nui. During the Destiny War, Helryx had promised the five Piraka the chance to live on land again and their former jobs as Dark Hunters back, if they joined the other Dark Hunters on Xia and fought in the war. The Piraka normally wouldn't care about their old jobs as Dark Hunters, but it was the greatest deal to them, rather then remaining on Daxia. Not to mention that when their was peace again, they got to the best part of the deal- kill the Shadowed One, and they would lead the Dark Hunters as a subdivision of the Order of Mata Nui. Of course, things had not quite gone as planned. First, Makuta had taken over the universe and they now had to fight against the entire universe rather than the Brotherhood. Than, a Skakdi of Lightning had hijacked the ship and knocked out their Toa companion. The Skakdi then told them about how he had blown up Zakaz, killing all the Skakdi other than himself and and the Piraka. He had managed to kill Hakaan and Avak before who should appear out of midair but Vezon, who had grabbed the Skakdi of Lightning and disappeared again. Vezok, of course, had grabbed onto his other half and followed them. They were snapped out of thought by the arrival of the Toa of Plantlife.

"Be prepared for battle. An army of Rahkshi has declared war on the Hunters, and we're about to join them." Suddenly, Hakaan and Avak's Exo-Toa suits came to life and threw the Toa into a wall. Thok stood up.

"No. I've had enough of your ordering around Toa. I'm taking over this ship, and I'll wrench control of those Rahkshi from their Krana with my powers. Then, the Dark Hunters and the Order of Mata Nui will belong to-"

"To me." said another voice. Reidak lay against a wall, with a Cordak Blaster pointing at his face, and a stone dagger was at Thok's throat, both held by none other than the former Barraki Takadox.